2018 Positive About It

So the new year s has had an interesting start to it.

The news is such a downer these days and people seem to want to ride the negativity wagon with it.  I am trying to help change the world.

I said I was going to have a positive thinking year.  I said it out loud to a friend of mine because when you make a resolution or plan you should say it out loud.  I said I was going to be more positive about things this year. Instead of people standing so close to me in the supermarket at the ATM, I am positive they bothered me.  Much laughter.

Well life is testing me. My access for dialysis went down the 5th of January.  Of course a declot was done and  I am positive that doctor had no idea he was torturing me when he failed to declot and fix it the first time.  A catheter was placed the next day and a month later I had the fistula ballooned so it works now.  I am positive that 1st doctor will not touch me again.

So here it February, almost Valentine’s Day.  I am positive from my chocolate people who sent me Christmas chocolate, I do not need Valentine’s chocolate. However I am pretty positive Walgreens will see me February 15th for their sale candy.

I spent money today like I have money to spend.  Sushi lunch at Miyagi’s, a Kay jewelers visit for customer appreciation day event,  (My Visa card was appreciated), an order to Melaleuca.com for laundry detergent, and a few Amazon.com purchases.  Visa loves me today.  I spent over what I paid them as a payment this month!  I am positive I have some gifts for the year covered. So now to watch for Amazon orders and Meleauca order to come to the door.

So these are my first months of 2018.

I am going trying to keep it positive.