Transplant Evaluation- Why life not on the list

Did you all know that transplant is not an automatic thing that comes with dialysis? Just because you begin dialysis does not mean you are listed onto a transplant list. You must contact your nephrologist for a referral to the transplant hospital in your areas, and then complete testing to see if you are healthy enough to undergo a transplant. Blood work is also done. In addition you must keep up with the yearly transplant work-ups the team wants completed.

I started a transplant evaluation with Kaiser, May 7, 2015.

The last appointment at UCLA Was September 8, 2016.

Kaiser Work up
Referral from nephrologist to Kaiser transplant team.
Transplant Clinic class to be attended.
surgical clearance
cardiac clearance- both Kaiser and UCLA
urology clearance
Pulmonary clearance- both Kaiser and UCLA
dental clearance.
infectious disease doctors clearance
blood work- 18 vials of blood
chest X-ray
tb test
pap smear
heart test
stress test
abdominal scan
Sleep Study

Doppler scan
Pulmonary Lung Function Test
INH and B6 for nine months-TB treatment
Kaiser transplant committee met about my case.
Paperwork sent to UCLA.

UCLA Work Up
UCLA transplant clinic class
Transplant team appointments at UCLA
Loopogram on the urostomy
Genetic blood testing
pulmonary hypertension had to be looked at with another angiogram- heart and pulmonary

Pulmonary clearance with UCLA 3 appointments

Cardiac clearance- 1 appointment

CPAP for three to six months.
Attend class for CPAP machine at Kaiser
echocardiogram again on the heart
Fluid only dialysis treatment to remove fluid each week.
Ventilation/perfusion scan for possible blood clots
Heart bubble test echocardiogram
A repeat high resolution CT-scan of the chest.
Test to see if fistula is causing PH.
CT-scan at UCLA
Lung Scan

Meeting with Transplant Doctors at UCLA
Transplant case is closed at UCLA.
No transplant for me due to my low BP.

This is the second transplant center that has said no to me or given me all sorts of excuses or things they want me to do before transplant.  All of the doctors I saw at UCLA were all for me getting a transplant until my ugly low BP-blood pressure raised its ugly head.

Kitkatz- Creator

They say writing is opening a vein and letting the words run out.  Well I here I am.  Another person who may or may not have a story to tell. We shall discover that story together.

Let me be a good author and introduce the main character to this story, me.  I go by the nickname Kitkatz on the web in most places.  I am 54 years old, surprised to have made it to this age.  I am a parent and grand parent.  I am a retired special education teacher. (Yes, I have stories to share.)  I like to write poetry (Yes, I will share some of those, too.)  I love to read science fiction.  I enjoy adventure and science fiction movies.  (I will share my favorites.)

Now to the crux of this blog.   I am a dialysis patient.  I have been one for nineteen years.  No kidney transplant, no chance of getting one.  I am a permanent dialysis patient, permanent.  This means I was evaluated by a transplant team and turn down to be listed. Three days a week I go to a dialysis clinic for six hours to have my blood cleaned and returned to me.

I have discovered I have opinions on things related to my life.  So this blog is my space to share old ideas and discover new ones.

I hate the word list.  It is a four letter word.