Medical Update

Gosh darn it! I hate being caught in bureaucracy of medical people.  I was to have had the catheter removed today, but no room on their schedule for me.  I did everything I was supposed to do, made my appointments and did the ultrasound, but no room on their schedule for removing it.  I yelled at the vascular nurse I was so frustrated.  She knew I was coming for a removal and did not leave room in the schedule for me to have it done.  She says she had to see the ultrasound first before scheduling the catheter removal. Utter bullshit, she should have put me on the schedule for a getting it out today.  I am still pissed.  I was so looking forward to a shower on Sunday.  They will have time to remove it 9:15 Monday morning.  Another F***ing appointment to go to.



Made it to the Monday and the catheter came out.  IT was not too painful and fairly quick.  The nurses were very nice and so was the doctor.  I was a little shaky afterwards but came home and slept before going to dialysis.  All is okay and the site is healing. Tenth Annual Reunion 2011

I flew into Vegas on the 3rd and flew out on the 10th. Such an easy way to get to Vegas for 88 dollars each way.  I stayed at the Worldmark condo on Spencer Street from October 3-10. I shared the condo with Aleta L. It is a small condo section hidden back behind shopping areas about a mile behind the Silver Sevens Resort down Flamingo.  It was a small two-bedroom condo; however, it had enough room for what we needed to do.

Danielle and Dave brought Violet up with them and stayed a night with us and went to the dinner, too.  Violet loved the pots and pans in the cupboards and pulled them out all over the place.  She was also given a small bag of potato chips that were promptly tossed all over the floor and mashed into crumbs.  She had loads of fun playing with the condo stuff.  Violet decided she knew Aleta L.  We think she thought she was our friend Marilyn.  They look a lot alike.  When Aleta picked her up into her lap, Violet got the shy look on her face, that said “Oops I do not know you.” But most kids like Aleta so it was okay.

The Tenth annual reunion of happened over the weekend of October 6-7, 2017.  Members of the forums and Facebook met and talked and ate and partied around Las Vegas.The Meet and Greet for members was on Friday night at kitkatz’ condo.  We talked and introduced ourselves and met new people.  Dinner was organized by the Admin Kitkatz. Dinner was on Saturday night at Buca Di Beppo on Flamingo Ave.  Huge portions, good food, and great people. DarthVadar- Carolyn- had a brownie ice cream dessert that was shared around the table.  It was huge!

The Admins of gave the members who attended a few mementoes of the occasion: A tote bag, a necklace of a kidney in a heart for the women, a keychain with kidney in a heart for the men, a dog tag chain with Tenth Annual Reunion on it, 5 green ribbon pencils.  Darthvadar-Carolyn-brought packets of items from Ireland to share with the members. There was a postcard, magnet, pen, keychain, suckers, buttons, and shortbread cookies. A Tennessee T-shirt was from Aleta. A small notebook was from Del.

Overall the reunion was a success.  Next year is already being planned.

Mother Said…

Mother said to come in out of the rain.

Mother said to not look at the boys.

Mother said to not touch the iron or the stove

Mother said to sit like a lady

Mother said to leave well enough alone.

Mother said that life would be hard.

Mother said a lot of stuff she did not mean.


I say stand in the rain and enjoy it.

Watch the puddles pile up

At your feet and splash in them.

I say that men are fine looking

And should be admired.

I say be careful of hot stuff

You may get burned.

I say sit any way you want

When you are wearing pants.

I say explore, see, do, become.

I say enjoy life as it comes

It can be challenging.

I say things that are to be said

The truth.

2018 Positive About It

So the new year s has had an interesting start to it.

The news is such a downer these days and people seem to want to ride the negativity wagon with it.  I am trying to help change the world.

I said I was going to have a positive thinking year.  I said it out loud to a friend of mine because when you make a resolution or plan you should say it out loud.  I said I was going to be more positive about things this year. Instead of people standing so close to me in the supermarket at the ATM, I am positive they bothered me.  Much laughter.

Well life is testing me. My access for dialysis went down the 5th of January.  Of course a declot was done and  I am positive that doctor had no idea he was torturing me when he failed to declot and fix it the first time.  A catheter was placed the next day and a month later I had the fistula ballooned so it works now.  I am positive that 1st doctor will not touch me again.

So here it February, almost Valentine’s Day.  I am positive from my chocolate people who sent me Christmas chocolate, I do not need Valentine’s chocolate. However I am pretty positive Walgreens will see me February 15th for their sale candy.

I spent money today like I have money to spend.  Sushi lunch at Miyagi’s, a Kay jewelers visit for customer appreciation day event,  (My Visa card was appreciated), an order to for laundry detergent, and a few purchases.  Visa loves me today.  I spent over what I paid them as a payment this month!  I am positive I have some gifts for the year covered. So now to watch for Amazon orders and Meleauca order to come to the door.

So these are my first months of 2018.

I am going trying to keep it positive.