RPG Kidney Island Map- National Kidney Month

I was messing around last night with paper and pencil and had an idea for a map. So I looked up the inside of a kidney, pulled the basic forms and turned it into an RPG map. The first map is my colored map. The second map is a freebie. A black and white map you can color for yourself! The maps are my own creation, whether correct or not I had fun doing it. I call it Kidney Island.

I am going to bring a copy of both maps to my nephrologist appointment and give them to my doctor. They will be a gift for National Kidney Month.

Kidney Island- Colored by K. Soto 3/2019

Kidney Island-Black and White by K. Soto 3/2019

A Very Bad Kidney

This is a picture of a Very Bad Kidney. I probably have two guys of these lurking in my own body. My friend’s daughter drew this picture. Her name is Jenna. She was on dialysis for much of her teen age and early adult years. She has had two kidney transplants. She a hero in my books. Her mother Karol is a hero, too, She searched the internet for a kidney for Jenna for years. She even advertised on the back of her car. Due to her mom’s efforts, this last year Jenna was in a paired transplant program with a living donor. Life has slowly gotten back to normal for her this year. You can go to ihatedialysis.com into the forums to find their story. Thanks Jenna for letting me share your pic during National Kidney Month.