A Done List

I learned this week from Noom is if you feel overwhelmed by your To Do list, sit down and think of all the things you have done and make a DONE list. List all of things you did today or yesterday or this week. They asked for a list of ten things. Ten things on your list leaves you feeling good at your successes.

Here is my list from a few days ago.

“DONE” List

  1. I went to my dialysis treatments all three days.
  2. I stayed my entire 6 hour treatment time.
  3. I cooked three good meals this week.
  4. I gave up eating French Fries during lunch.
  5. I have added more green foods into my diet.
  6. I made a list of all the red foods I have been eating.
  7. I went to bed a little earlier each night.
  8. I did laundry this morning.  (Remind me to get clothes out of the dryer.)
  9. I have written on my second novel this week.
  10. I talked to a friend over the phone for an hour.

Do this every now and then to give yourself a good pick me up!

Recent Art Pieces

I have been working on art pieces. I thought I would share three recent ones. The first two are layering practice pieces. The third is a design Rhino. Eventually I will color the design rhino.

1st layering art project
Second layering art project
Design Rhino ready to be colored

Working on art work and writing help me to not think about my aches and pains.

Life is trying my patience

I have an official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. My all over body pain has a reason to exist now. I am on an nerve med to help calm them down and lessen the pain. I hope it works.

The fistula in my arm needs to be looked at. The dialysis center cannot run an access flow on me. I saw Nurse L. She arranged an ultrasound for me on the 12th at 5:15 in the evening. I am hoping it is all okay.

I am on antibiotics for a kidney infection.

My blood pressure is staying up. That is good. Dialysis is a lot easier without 100 blood pressures taken over my time there. we are all keeping an eagle eye on it. Kaiser had me in for a high blood pressure check one day a few weeks ago.

I am still writing and making art pieces. Life is an adventure. I do see it ahead.

Soon, a beach weekend is coming soon!


I was reading an article that said to start your day with a positive attitude. I agree and have been trying this since January. For a while my mind was “No!” “Don’t want to get up.” “No.” I had to change it to “I am awake.” to getting up with a “Yes” attitude. I would say I have been positive getting up about half the time since January.

Pain is a large part of the negative attitude towards waking up. It hurts to move when I get up. It affects the brain and the way I react. I understand why people with chronic illness with pain sleep a lot. I have decided to try three things each morning.

  1. Put pain relieving cream on the sore spots.
  2. According to how I feel after that, take pain meds.
  3. Move around a little. Stretch a little to get the blood moving.

I hope this new routine will help the pain and help me to have a more positive attitude.

I do manage to lose myself in my writing and art work during the day. The pain is kept at bay as long as I am working on something. When I finish working, I am hit with pain. I take a heavy duty pain killer. Even then, it is not gone all the way.

Due to being on dialysis the options for pain meds are limited. I tried CBD oil. It did nothing for me. The roll on pain reliever helped a little when rubbed on the skin.

It is an interesting way to live. I am trying to do things and keep moving. It’s hard.

An article to read from The Mighty.