You Got to Find Your Own Joy

You oversee whether you will be miserable or find some joy in a life full of chronic illness. You hold the wheel and determine the course.  If Joy is out of reach, stretch yourself. It’s right there in front of you.

Here are 15 Ideas to Help You Stretch for Joy

Take your meds as prescribed.  The pain will be less.

Do something fun each day. 

Tell a joke to someone.

Find the fun in things you do. Realize you are HERE to do them.

Join a support group. Try a few groups out until your find the one that is your tribe.

Find a support group in your area where they meet. Seeing real people with the same problems relieves your stress.

Admit when you need help.  Ask for it.

If someone asks, “How can I help?” Give them a job or chore to do. Shopping, going to the post office, running an errand for you is a great way for them to help. Make a list every week. Call them up when you need help.  Your friends are standing around wanting to help you.  “Can you pick up bananas for me?”

There are Art Therapy classes online.

              DeterminedtoShine on Facebook has free and inexpensive classes that offer journal art as a way to learn about yourself.

      Offers art to women to help find themselves in their lives. A tribe of women who support each other through art.

Find the art that speaks to you. 

Color in one of the new adult coloring books.  I have a Swear Word coloring book, among my design coloring books.  Get the crayons, pencils and markers out.

Read or reread a favorite book.  Buy a new book to read.

Write in a journal every day. Pour out those feelings.  Take a meditation and writing course with   She does free courses and has a class you can pay for.

Get out more.  Take a walk. Go to the mall.  

Eat out once a week.  Even the dollar menu will get you out of the house eating something new. Take a friend with you.

Get a therapist either in person or online and talk to them really truly talk to them.

I do have tried all of these things and do some of them. Take what works for you. It takes work to put joy into your life. Don’t let the Chronic Illness steal it, Take it back. Reach for it.

Thoughts on Things

(Written in 2016. I think it still applies.)

I have waited a few weeks to get my mind around the stuff I see posted on Social Media so here goes. We live in a connected world, instant messaging, computer screens on our dining tables, computers in our phones, we can call anyone anywhere and take a video while we do it. While we have become more connected we have allowed ourselves to become less connected with one another. We talk and communicate to the technology, not each other.

We see opportunity to take one another to task for behavior that has been around a long, long time and has not been corrected. We argue to make our own points and rarely listen to one another’s real words and meanings. The meanness and bad attitudes we see get put into videos daily and then are posted to social media for over half the world to see. Things go viral whether they really deserve our time.

I think young children get along with each other until they reach the age where they are exposed to our world through their parents’ attitudes and the social media. More and more we are allowing social media to speak our loud mouths. Discrimination has been around a long, long time. We are all immigrants through relatives way back in America. As each set of immigrants made its ways to the US it too was discriminated against. Even back to the Mayflower and Colonial times,people were sent to the colonies to get rid of trouble makers and here we are many years later still dealing with trouble makers of our own.

When we learn to speak with our hearts and think with our minds before saying or doing anything, then we shall become smarter, kinder and more creative beings.

21st Dialysisversary!

My Going to Dialysis is now old enough to drink in the state of California.

Kortnee Greenfield courtesy Unsplash

21 years of 3 days a week dialysis.

21 years, 3 days a week Let’s see 52 weeks in a year

52*3=156 days of dialysis in a year.

156 times 21 years =3276 days of dialysis in my life.

2 needles in my arm is double 3276 and

we get 7552 size 15 to 16 needles in my arm.

I need a cake to celebrate! I have gone to every dialysis treatment I had to go to over twenty years. Every damn one of them!

Here’s to Life Not on the List! Here’s to me! 21 Again!


My Favorite Reading Space

I usually read before I go to sleep in bed. 

However, my all-time favorite reading space is

on a comfortable chair or couch

wrapped up in a warm blanket,

pillows surrounding my head like pillows.

Slippers might be on my socks

Keeping my feet toasty warm.

Getting ready to read.

 A cup of hot cocoa awaits me

when from time to time

 I remember to turn

from my reading to drink from it.

There might be a small plate of cookies near that cocoa

For me to munch on as I read my book.

or a cup of hot soup Is brought with crackers,

because too wrapped up in reading

I forgot about eating lunch.

Reading suggestions:

Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

Sword of TruthWizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

#TheTearCollector is out for Preorder. Book comes out December 2, 2019. #writeaskew

Renee Fisher and Co Interview

I was interviewed by Renee Fisher on her Facebook site and Zoom about writing with a Chronic Illness on Thursday, October 24, 2019. It was great interview and we reached many people.

From Renee Fisher and CO

From Renee FIsher and Co. Renee said: I wanted to thank Katherine Soto once again for talking about Writing with Chronic Illness yesterday with us! My favorite quote from the call was “I’m going to do something worthwhile.” Like Katherine said, “Every day we can make the choice to get out of bed and write one word. One sentence. One page. One…”Today, if all you have the energy or strength to do is get out of bed—you’re not alone! May this be a community where y’all feel welcome no matter what you’re struggling with.Leave a comment and let us know how we can be praying for one another!— with Katherine Soto.

From me: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended and watched the replay. Thanks Renee for an informative and interesting interview. You can get a hold of me through Facebook.  Other links I mentioned were –
facebook and forums, for meditative writing. Remember you are the work in progress not your chronic illness.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this interview.