Christmas Thoughts

The packages have been ripped open. Under the tree sits the cat enjoying the sunshine, or else looking at the rain we presently have with a very dirty look. The tree looks a little lonely without its pile of presents under it. Christmas Day was fun filled for us. We have our older daughter, her husband, and our granddaughter, who is 3 and a half, over for Christmas lunch on Saturday.

Our Christmas happened early over the weekend before Christmas Day. We had lunch here at our house, along with the ritual present giving. Marilyn and Mom were here, too. Marilyn is a best friend of ours. She is adopted family. Mom is my mother. Our get togethers are always busy and fun.

I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted at the Christmas parties I attended. I am happy to note I continue to lose weight over this holiday season. I am watchful about what I eat. At the two parties I ate what I wanted and was perfectly happy to have one plate. I enjoyed dessert but it was not a pleading necessity in my brain. At the Christmas party we attended on Sunday I had one plate of food and went back for one bite of the delicious cheese they had. Then it did not matter. I was satisfied with what I had to eat. This is way different then other years. Other years I would surf the food table regularly eating the entire time I was at the party. What a relief to not have the worry of food in the back of my mind at a party. Now to collect myself before Tuesday my birthday celebration.

The new year looks bright to me. My book editor sent me the creative editing idea. I am editing and rewriting piece s of it now. I have added a new character into it to add some suspense into it. She is Grey’s counter part and protector. I have to tell her back story, too. It should make for an interesting story.

Have a happy week before New Year’s. Saying goodbye to 2019 is bittersweet. I learned a lot this year and my creativity has been off the charts. I will post some pictures of my art on this post.

More December Thoughts:

December is my birthday month.  I celebrate all month long.  It is a brilliant idea.  Every time I have a treat, I wish myself a happy birthday.  I also check how old I will be.  What a shock that is!  I am not telling it here. 

I finished writing my second book about Grey Dawn Cloudstorm.  In this book she takes a Study Expedition into the Clan on Aven.  She discovers more about herself and her family in this book. I will do several edits on it. 

The first book is in creative editing- Beta Readers with the publishing company.  I await more work to come on it

Hints and Tips for surviving the holidays:

Do what you can.  You don’t have to do everything.

Remember to ask for help when you need it. 

Hang up the phones and the computers for a while.  Go do something different.

Sometimes the dust and stuff have to be ignored while you accomplish other things. No guilt about it!

Art and writing- creativity is proving to be something that should be done regularly.  It helps to center oneself.  It is about “Flow” and getting into it.  It relaxes the body and energizes the mind. 

Sometimes what other people do for you is okay even though it is not the way you would have done it.

Online buying of gifts is a great way to save time and stress on your body.

Above all, take time to enjoy the Season.

December Thoughts

December 1: 30 days until my birthday. What are my birthday wishes? The usual peace on Earth, peace between the races, kindness to everyone, the end to bullying in all areas, especially between children, and that illnesses be cured.

Yet I know the world has not grown enough for these things to happen. World peace only happens when governments agree. Peace between the races will come as we realize that color differences are not important and all people are equal. It is what is inside us that make differences. Kindness happens when everyone treats one another in a loving way first. Bullying is especially on my mind. Our children should not have to live in fear from their classmates. They should not be bullied to the point of suicide. Someone needs to step in and know what is happening in our children’s lives. I am looking at natural, safe ways to heal illnesses. I know mine are here with me, yet some can be changed if I work on it.

Since I know I cannot have most of what I want, I will wish for ones I can do. Here are my December birthday wishes:

  1. I want to keep to my new eating plan.
  2. I want to be below 100 kilos by December 31.
  3. I am going to stretch my muscles daily this month.
  4. I will increase my exercise.
  5. I will enjoy each day and have fun this month.
  6. I will enjoy Christmas early with my kids and granddaughter and mother. I will allow the Holiday to be what it is.
  7. I will enjoy going out even though I hurt and getting in and out of the car hurts.
  8. I will work with my pain pills to help keep my pain manageable.

I think I wrote new year’s wishes, but December will be a starting place.