52 Things

I have joined a website called The Mighty. They deal with subjects related to chronic illness. They are having a 52 things -one thing a week you will do to improve your life. I am going to try to do 52 small things this year. I am beginning my list here.


Write on this blog each day.

Step 1: Find time each day to write. Commit to it.

Step2: Use journal questions, write about the day, write a poem, write about your feelings, write about people in your life.

Step 3; Write everyday.

Putting some poetry out into the world.

Enter a contest once a month

Find your best poetry. Clean it up, edit and get it ready.

Use the email that comes for contest entries.

Keep track of the entries. Poem in an envelope with date, and where it went.

Write new poetry.

I want to eat healthier this year.

Eat a salad at least once a week for a meal.

Plan plates that are 50 % veggie or fruit/25%meat/25% carbs

Buy one fruit or vegetable to eat every day each week. Apple and bananas do not count.

Cook one meal a week

More to come as I think of it.

Take a walk at least once a week.

Start the day in a positive frame of mind.

No complaining when getting up.