A Life time of Surgeries

Maybe you all wondered about the background I have in medical issues.  Here is some of it.

1966- YB Plasti Surgery on bladder neck Ureters replanted into bladder to prevent reflux into kidneys. Unsuccessful

1972 YB Plasti Surgery again. Unsuccessful

1972 Strabismus surgery- eyes

1973 Strabismus surgery-eyes

1974 Urostomy surgery

1978 Tonsillectomy

1985 Cesarean- Daughter born

1987 Cesarean- daughter born

1999-2017 Multiple graft and fistula surgeries for dialysis. I have lost track of these procedures.

2006 Parathyroidectomy

2013 Intestinal perforation with ileostomy

2014- Ileostomy reversal surgery