A Widget Lesson Plan

I taught for many years.  This is one of my favorite lessons to do with almost any age.

Persuasive Writing

Widget project

Day 1

    Give students a paper bag filled with widget making materials.

They are to design a widget.  A widget can be anything they want it to be.  They can use whatever materials you have given to them.


Plates, cups, paperclips, glue, tape, yarn, string, hole punch, scissors, etc.

Glue, tape, stickers, puffballs….etc

Day 2

Have students fill out the widget questionnaire. Widget Questionnaire

Answer the following questions about your widget. Use complete sentences.

  1. What is the widget? It has to be something. Give it a name.
  2. What does the widget do?  It has to do something.
  3. What age groups will use the widget?  Which age group will have the most fun with the widget? Why?
  4. Who invented the widget?
  5. Why was this widget invented?
  6. List three things the widget can do.
  7. Why would someone buy the widget?
  8. What is the cost of this widget?

Day 3/4

   Students may need two days to answer the questions.

 Video tape several commercials off TV to show them what a commercial is.  Tape some radio commercials for them to listen to. Gather written advertisements for students to look at.

After they answer the questions, they begin to write a commercial for their widget.  They use their widget questions answers to write the commercial

Pictures ads can be drawn by younger students.

    Day 5

    Final drafts are to be written from the rough draft copy students have done. Be sure to assist in correcting rough drafts so final drafts are correct.