Answers to Prompts from diy/MFA Book Questions Part 2

Prompt 4: What feeds my creativity?

I have discovered that I enjoy learning about writing from other writers.  I am finding new things to go research on the internet.  I am seeing books I am reading in new lights.  I have found several new things to use in my writing bag of prompts and things to use.

 Right now, I am doing an art journaling class and am letting that boost my creativity.  Art is difficult for me.  When I get a hold of paper, crayons, paint and glue; it all explodes into moments of creativity and it turns out like a four-year-old whirlwind came through the room.  Then I remember that I love that part of my artistic side.  Then my writer side comes out, breathes a sigh of relief, cleans up behind the whirlwind, and is usually ready to do some sort of work. Currently I do the art journal, I have writing classes on udemy I bought super cheap, plus I pulled a couple of book lists off the internet to look over, in addition to a couple of stories I am working on. 
I am attempting to join Queen’s Own, the Mercedes Lackey fan site. So I am working their writing requirements. I have sent in two character sketches, plus I am working on a story for them. Then there is a 20 page research paper.

Prompt #5  What writing Advice did not work for you?

The statement I saw that said: To be a writer just open a vein and bleed words. Nope. Did not work for me. I finally figured out why my writing process was not working following that advice. I had to relearn how to write. I am 56 years old and taught 6th grade special education classes for fifteen years. I taught writing to kids. I have had to relearn about character development, learn story plotting, review basic writing skills. Writing is one of the hardest things I do, so learning all about it is a good idea.

Prompt #6  Have you had a time when resistance served as your creative compass and pointed you toward a particular project?

i am published in small newsletter for dialysis centers. I had written a poem about the dialysis diet which at the time was frustrating the heck out of me. The editor stumbled across my poem on a website, loved it and wanted to publish it. I discovered poetry is a good way for me to take my resistance on about

Prompt 7 Supporting Characters

Antagonist or villain- In some of my stories the villain is the world and boy are they going to get creamed.  However, I would suppose if writing to keep a reader interested a good villain would move a story along.  Especially when the protagonist’s emotions are affected. 

Love Interest- I am attempting to write a romance novel.  I have a cute idea I am basing it on.  The love interest of my main character is not her favorite person at first. HE has a way of fitting in with everyone around her except with her. The dialogue needs work between them.

BFF or sidekick-when I write this as a character they are usually very static and do not really runt he story along.  I am going to have to work on this in a story.

The Mentor- I written a short story recently with a mentor in it.

The Fool-  This is an honest character.  Helps the main character.  Helps to move the story along by giving advice.  A few scenes with bits of advice periodically.  I can see how this would work.

My reading of books is going to be useful when going back to decide how characters in the book are being used.

Prompt 8

What is your favorite story type?

 I have not really written enough to have a favorite story type.  I have mostly written poetry up to now. In my reading I read a lot of protagonist confronts antagonist with more power.  Usually science fiction stories are set up that way.  Aliens are made to be more powerful in most books.  It is hard to find an alien who is equal to a human, however I am sure they are out there.   

Prompt 9   Try a New Technique from MFA?

I took the plotter/Panster Quiz. I discovered with a +8 I am more of a plotter, than a punster.  However when I write I am more of a punster. I tend to let the ideas take me into part of a story I am writing then I get lost because it has not been plotted out and I do not know my main characters very well.  It is amazing to me what I am learning about writing and my style of doing it.

Prompt 10 Reading List

Competitive Titles

Verses for the Dead- Mystery

Gragon Quartet- Sci Fi Fantasy

Brisinger- sci fi/Fantasy

Contextual Books


Elements of Style

Elements of Style Workbook

Now Write! 3 books

Contemporary Books

Wheels of Time Sci Fi/Fantasy

Mercedes Lackey authors

Terry Goodkind authors


The Odyssey /Iliad

Invisible Man

The Stranger

Langston Hughes-Poems