A Done List

I learned this week from Noom is if you feel overwhelmed by your To Do list, sit down and think of all the things you have done and make a DONE list. List all of things you did today or yesterday or this week. They asked for a list of ten things. Ten things on your list leaves you feeling good at your successes.

Here is my list from a few days ago.

“DONE” List

  1. I went to my dialysis treatments all three days.
  2. I stayed my entire 6 hour treatment time.
  3. I cooked three good meals this week.
  4. I gave up eating French Fries during lunch.
  5. I have added more green foods into my diet.
  6. I made a list of all the red foods I have been eating.
  7. I went to bed a little earlier each night.
  8. I did laundry this morning.  (Remind me to get clothes out of the dryer.)
  9. I have written on my second novel this week.
  10. I talked to a friend over the phone for an hour.

Do this every now and then to give yourself a good pick me up!


I was reading an article that said to start your day with a positive attitude. I agree and have been trying this since January. For a while my mind was “No!” “Don’t want to get up.” “No.” I had to change it to “I am awake.” to getting up with a “Yes” attitude. I would say I have been positive getting up about half the time since January.

Pain is a large part of the negative attitude towards waking up. It hurts to move when I get up. It affects the brain and the way I react. I understand why people with chronic illness with pain sleep a lot. I have decided to try three things each morning.

  1. Put pain relieving cream on the sore spots.
  2. According to how I feel after that, take pain meds.
  3. Move around a little. Stretch a little to get the blood moving.

I hope this new routine will help the pain and help me to have a more positive attitude.

I do manage to lose myself in my writing and art work during the day. The pain is kept at bay as long as I am working on something. When I finish working, I am hit with pain. I take a heavy duty pain killer. Even then, it is not gone all the way.

Due to being on dialysis the options for pain meds are limited. I tried CBD oil. It did nothing for me. The roll on pain reliever helped a little when rubbed on the skin.

It is an interesting way to live. I am trying to do things and keep moving. It’s hard.

An article to read from The Mighty.

Why is lifenotonthelist.com here?

Another list I am not on.
Another list I am not on.

Lifenotonthelist.com is my answer to the doctors who told me I could not be put on the kidney transplant list do to a medical issue. I decided to make my life the best one I could as a permanent dialysis patient.

It is not an easy life with dialysis three days a week for six hours each treatment. Low blood pressure has become my fight at dialysis. Hospital stays that are becoming longer and more frequent. Recovery that takes longer after being knocked flat. All over body pain and sciatica hip pain all day.

How do I deal with it? I write things down here in the blog to encourage other dialysis patients. I write article for other people to use and publish. I write poetry. I make art projects. I paint , color, use markers and take classes. I meditate when I can. I write. I wrote a novel this year and am halfway through my second novel. I am waiting for creative editing from my publisher. My life takes a turn to being a writer.

What is in the future? My novel published. A poetry book put together and entered into contests. My second novel taken through creative editing. A book of dialysis articles written, collected and published. This blog to grow and keep going.

I will keep dialyzing to live, not living to dialyze!

Updated Blog and Changes 4/25/2019

There have been a few changes to this blog lately.  I have removed and combined several categories.  I moved posts around into new categories.  I am also trying to clarify what topics I will be writing about in this blog in order to clarify it for myself and for my readers. 

The writing that I placed on this blog will stay here, in the meantime my recent writing and updates on it are on my writer’s site: http://katherineesoto-author.com/     If you want to keep up with my writing, please see this site.  The writing that is on this blog will be static for the most part. I am adding to my author site as a priority, so when my novel is ready my bog is ready, too.

On lIfeonthelist.com I plan to write about 4 things:

Art and art Journaling- mainly my adventures into the world of art.  Art I find is interesting, pieces that are interesting, plus my own art piece I create.

Lifestyle- My life and things I find interesting.

Dialysis- I am practicing writing dialysis articles here and slowly gearing up to write my nonfiction book about dialysis.

Travel- Place I go, places I want to go, research on places around the world, other people’s ideas and places they have gone. 

I think I can find a lot of things to blog about on these four topics plus keep this blog interesting.

Please fell free to make suggestions and comments when you visit.

Car Accident

A car accident today in our red car on the way to dialysis. Victor was driving. I have no idea what happened because I was playing a game on my phone, looking down. All I got was the crash. We were hit by a young man who was wearing a Concordia student outfit, who also hit another car after he hit us or in the middle of hitting us. Victor was making a left hand turn across an intersection. He says all he saw was something came from the right suddenly and there we were spinning to the left. He had his foot on the brake and we got stopped before re-entering traffic on Redland’s Blvd. The car’s airbags deployed. We had a Sheriff pull up on us as I was getting out of the car. They helped Victor get out of the car. His door would not open properly and he only had a small space between the airbag and the door frame. His artificial leg made it awkward. I got out of the car quickly grabbing my purse and dialysis bag, as well as my cane. My phone was still in my hands. We were moved over to the curb for safety. I took pictures of the cars involved. Paramedics were called because our airbags deployed. The fire department moved the car to the side of the road. The community liaison from the SB Police came and took reports and made sure everyone had shared insurance and names. Victor stayed with the until it was towed. The tow truck driver brought him home. My dialysis center director came in her car and brought me to the center from the accident site three blocks away. I am bruised on my left hand and arm, plus down my right hip from the seat belt. I ache, but then I ache all the time anyway. We are all right, just going to be sore for a few days, plus dealing with the aftermath of having our car hit.

Victor with the smashed car.

Safety airbags deployed
Our front bumper off the car

My Life Recently

I have been busy writing my fiction story. I have written 49,000 words so far into my first draft. I realize I am going to have to edit the entire thing slowly and grow a good story out of it. It is going to take time and effort to do it all. I am also working on another story, but it has taken a back seat to the one I am actively involved in every day. I have written a few poems recently. I want to send those into a contest or two.

Dialysis continues three days a week. I am doing all right for six hours. I am managing my dry weight and fluid intake pretty well now. It is probably the hardest part of dialysis, being thirsty and having to limit those fluids all the time. When I was in Las Vegas with friends, I was amazed at the amount of fluids they consumed over the day. They always had something to drink on them or in their hands. You who can drink fluids, please enjoy one on me. I have worked on not complaining to my husband when we arrive at the center. Makes for a better change of venue in my brain, to come in with a good attitude instead of being negative towards it. It is a large part of my days MWF. I won a hat from Kidney Beans a Facebook group I belong to. Amy does a raffle each month. For National Kidney Month she has done a raffle a week.

I take terrible selfies, but here is the hat on my head. It says I am dialysis strong.

So between household chores, writing and dialysis, this is a snapshot of my life lately.

From Sarcastic Mama

Busy Days

I am trying to work on reading, writing, and community in my writing career from 9 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Thursdays. Dialysis is still MWF 1:15 to 7:15, 6 hours. We leave at 11:15 to get lunch at Carl’s Jr.
See my new author’s page at katherineesoto-author.com to see an update about my writing;
My Art Journal this week was on Freedom in my Life.

Classes I have Taken

Udemy Classes- Writing

Writing with Flair- How to Become an Exceptional Writer

Ninja Writing- The Four Level of Writing Mastery

Creative Writing- Start writing, keep writing

Writing Dynamic Dialogue 1- Basics

Art Journal Classes

These are not teaching classes but participation through prompts for art journal pages.

Determine to Shine- 30 Day Art Journal

Blogging Courses Online

Build your Blog Bootcamp from Ruth Soukup

Blogging Made Simple- along with videos by Ruth Soukup

My Reference Books About Writing (so far)

This is my way of tracking what I have and what I need to read or use.

diy/MFA by Gabriela Pereira

The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E. B. White

The Elements if Style Workbook by Tip Top Education

Now Write Series- Fiction, Science Fiction, Nonfiction Writing prompt books-Edited by Sherry Ellis

The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglist

On my Kindle:

If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland

The Dictionary of Fiction Critique by Kate Jonuska

Write and Publish your First Book by Lorna F. Kopp