Las Vegas Vacation October 7 to 17th, 2018:

Vegas 2018- October 7th-October 17th

Fly out of Ontario Sunday October 7th, 7:25am.  I was at the airport by 5:30a.m.   They wheelchaired me to the gate at the end of the hallway. I was grateful for the wheels.

Arrive Las Vegas 8:25a.m.  Las Vegas Southwest rep met me on the aircraft and wheelchaired me through baggage pickup and all the way to Uber pick up area.  I was impressed.

My scooter was dropped off at the condo property.

I ended up in a property update and bought more points. Sigh.  I am a sucker for this stuff.

Carolyn and Lena arrived around 3pm and we ended up in a condo that was not okay with us,..  King and queen bed.  I complained all the way up the chain of people to complain to, and on Tuesday night we moved to a better condo for us. with twin beds.

Worldmark Las Vegas Blvd. 8601 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123-1635

Dialysis request: MWF– October 8,10,12,15,17

Desert Inn Dialysis  5am  Oh the joys of 5 a.m. dialysis.

I have been here before. Very friendly and clean.

.2545 S Bruce St
Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Wheel chair accessible van rental- made reservations. Pick up at condo Oct 7, drop off condo Oct 17th .  I arrived at the van in front of the condo a attempted to start it.  It had a dead battery.  This van was my nemesis.  I am short so I had to practically leap up into the driver’s seat.  Wheelers Rental.

Grocery shopping for the week. We went on Tuesday after Carolyn discovered she did not have her meds with her. We had to do an urgent care stop for prescription then Walmart for meds..  Lunch, dinners and snacks.  Watch out for nut allergy girl.  I know there is a sprouts and natural food store in Vegas somewhere.  Walmart was favorite grocery store.  She found her meds a few days later in her stuff.  They made three Walmart runs and two Ross runs while we were out and about.

Chilli’s for dinner tonight.

Monday October 8, 2018

Take time to rest and relax, recover from jetlag while I go to dialysis. 

5am to 9am was dialysis. I slept through it today.

Went shopping and then off to Outback for dinner.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rest before show/Call cabs early to go to Rio.5:50pm and have dinner at Rio.

SmashBurger dinner at the Rio.

Chippendales Show – Tues October 9- 7pm  Rio  $59/ ticket

We all had either hugs or a lap dance from the dancers during the show.  Hot flesh!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dialysis 5am to 9 am.

Go to the Mob Museum and Fremont St.  I can meet you at Fremont St. for lunch or dinner and shopping there.  If not too worn out we can watch the night life weirdos come out on the street.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sleep Late, relax and swim. Stick around condo today.

Stratosphere- Top of the World Dinner– Thursday, October 11-  4:30 pm dinner reservations

Dinner will average $100 plus drinks and tip.  For a dinner charge of 102 for prefixxe dinner the food could have been better.  The view while the sun set despite clouds was outrageous.

MJ show-Thursday, October 11 -7pm Stratosphere pick up tickets at box office    $70.00/ticket  This show was great.  MJ performed the entire time.

Lena and I developed a habit of a glass of ice with a half a glass of 7up and white wine coolers each evening.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dialysis. 5am

Walmart trip

Ellis Island Dinner with Dave and Danielle

Saturday, October 13, 2018 Luncheon 2pm  Bucca Di Beppo 412 E NV-592, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Great get together. We had a great time and great food.  We had a lot of food!  The restaurant serves family style in large portions so we shared across dishes.  We talked and shared stories and laughed.


Saturday, October 13- 7pm Planet Hollywood    35/ ticket   This was vaudeville type show with a good story and magician.

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Red Rock Tour and Picnic Lunch  Sunday- October 14

Address: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161

Red Rocks and white rocks.  Nice drive on the loop through it.

Inn and Out for lunch and a 2nd trip to Ross.

Monday October 15th

Dialysis 5am.  22.00 for behind scenes tour and ticket

Hours Of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10 am – 9 pm   Sun: 11 am – 7 pm

3528 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89169

The aquarium/zoo was cute.

 Tuesday, October 16, 201

Third Walmart expedition. I took a nap

I packed and did laundry to go home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I had dialysis in the morning. 5am

Van is to be turned in by 7pm. Keys left in it and pictures taken.  People will come pick it at Worldmark.  I drove it there after dropping Carolyn and Lana off at Silver Sevens for their last night in Las Vegas.

I flew out October 17, 2018, Las Vegas 9:50 pm arrive Ontario 10:45pm.

Home at midnight and I did not even unpack. I went straight to bed.


My review of the Days Inn Rialto to Trip Advisor

Days Inn, Rialto

We were having renovations done on our house, we moved back in before painting was finished because this motel is not what the pictures show. We checked in and I asked if they could upgrade us to a suite and they downgraded us to a smaller bed and a huge tub in the room. We needed a handicapped accessibility room and this room was not it. The large whirlpool tub in the room was not accessible for either my husband or myself and not safe for us to use. We asked to be moved to a king size bed accessible room and we were told they had none available, so another night in an uncomfortable situation. The next morning we moved four doors down into a more accessible room with a king sized bed.
The desk people are nice however slow in doing anything. Expect a wait if checking in behind some people. The house keeping is good. We required few things while we were there by housekeeping,but when we did they were cheerful. Spanish speakers mostly. Never a sure time for when they came by each morning, so it is a guessing whether you can get a shower or not before or after they show up.
The entire place needs updating. Wyndham Corp people have not stayed here yet, or they would make changes. The ice machine works occasionally when people do not fill ice chests up or have a party outside. The pool area looks nice. There is a pool and hot spa available. Be warned breakfast is continental only. If you want a large breakfast go out for it. The motel is on a busy area. The ten freeway is behind it, plus the railroad yard is just beyond the freeway. You can hear the trains whistles and brakes as they pull into the yard and we were in the front of the motel. I cannot imagine the noise in rooms in the back along the freeway.

If Wyndham takes the motel in hand and updates it, it might become a property to be proud of, meanwhile it is on its way to being a sad place to stay.
Kudos- the bed was comfortable, housekeeping was there daily, friendly desk people, pool area is nice looking, breakfast was available and someone did keep an eye on it and replenish as needed.

Room Tip: Stay in front of motel if possible, probably less noise. Tenth Annual Reunion 2011

I flew into Vegas on the 3rd and flew out on the 10th. Such an easy way to get to Vegas for 88 dollars each way.  I stayed at the Worldmark condo on Spencer Street from October 3-10. I shared the condo with Aleta L. It is a small condo section hidden back behind shopping areas about a mile behind the Silver Sevens Resort down Flamingo.  It was a small two-bedroom condo; however, it had enough room for what we needed to do.

Danielle and Dave brought Violet up with them and stayed a night with us and went to the dinner, too.  Violet loved the pots and pans in the cupboards and pulled them out all over the place.  She was also given a small bag of potato chips that were promptly tossed all over the floor and mashed into crumbs.  She had loads of fun playing with the condo stuff.  Violet decided she knew Aleta L.  We think she thought she was our friend Marilyn.  They look a lot alike.  When Aleta picked her up into her lap, Violet got the shy look on her face, that said “Oops I do not know you.” But most kids like Aleta so it was okay.

The Tenth annual reunion of happened over the weekend of October 6-7, 2017.  Members of the forums and Facebook met and talked and ate and partied around Las Vegas.The Meet and Greet for members was on Friday night at kitkatz’ condo.  We talked and introduced ourselves and met new people.  Dinner was organized by the Admin Kitkatz. Dinner was on Saturday night at Buca Di Beppo on Flamingo Ave.  Huge portions, good food, and great people. DarthVadar- Carolyn- had a brownie ice cream dessert that was shared around the table.  It was huge!

The Admins of gave the members who attended a few mementoes of the occasion: A tote bag, a necklace of a kidney in a heart for the women, a keychain with kidney in a heart for the men, a dog tag chain with Tenth Annual Reunion on it, 5 green ribbon pencils.  Darthvadar-Carolyn-brought packets of items from Ireland to share with the members. There was a postcard, magnet, pen, keychain, suckers, buttons, and shortbread cookies. A Tennessee T-shirt was from Aleta. A small notebook was from Del.

Overall the reunion was a success.  Next year is already being planned.

My Holiday Trip to Oklahoma (Pics are on Facebook)

December 21st

I left Ontario around 1 am and flew into Dallas into a cold morning around 5 am.  Maria and Alex picked me up from the airport.  We went over to our hotel hoping we could check in early and rest and relax for a few hours before hitting the museum.  They valeted the car and let us check into the hotel.  We had a large suite with a sitting area separated from the bedroom area by ¼ wall.  We discovered my scooter had been delivered early, so after breakfast and relaxing for a few hours we headed over to the Perot Museum.  It was about two blocks from our hotel.

Perot Science Museum- This museum is a wonderful place to explore. I think another day would have seen it all.  They had a special exhibit called Journey into Space.  This exhibit had all kinds of things about traveling into space and the possibility of going to Mars.  There was a mock up of the space station that you could stand in and it revolved around you like it does the astronauts in space.  It was quite the experience watching it go around you while you stood still.  Maria and I took the glass enclosed escalator to the fourth floor.  Mr fear of heights took another beating doing it.  Once you ar eont he escalator there is no turning back so you have to go all the way up on it.  They have an area you can stand in the overlook the downtown area.  It is glassed in and it scared the heck out of me. I held onto a pillar and Maria’s hand to get out of the enclosed area on top.  This museum is a place to explore over and over again.

We then went to lunch at a place called Meso Maya.  Advertises as local real Mexican food.  It was different,  It tasted pretty good.  We ate and returned to our hotel to rest and relax.  Pizza was for dinner.  The ratfinks I travel with ordered a pizza with zucchini on it.  I hate zucchini.  I also surprised Maria when I shut up and ate it anyway. Those who do not pay for it, do not complain about it.  Then we tried to sleep and my sciatica woke up at 1 am and kept me up off and on all night. I think it was the flight that made my hip mad.


December 22nd

The Dallas World Aquarium was next on our places to visit while in Dallas.  The Aquarium was less than a block from the hotel.  This aquarium is a mix of zoo animals and aquarium.  They take you to the top of the aquarium building and you slowly walk a path down to the bottom of it.  The top is rainforest and ponds throughout it. As you walk through you see birds and animals up close.  We stopped to see the otters get fed in their pond enclosure. At the bottom are the aquariums filled with fish from all over the world.  There is shark tunnel you can walk through and sit to watch the fish.  There is a black jaguar in an exhibit.  He is gorgeous.  He was sitting next to the glass so people could see him up close. This aquarium is worth the money to go see.

We left Dallas and headed out to find lunch.  Lunch was a Sushi place that has revolving belts to bring you the food and you get to choose what you want.  I had my first hand roll of crab and shrimp.  Delicious.

Then it was on the road to Norman, Oklahoma.  I was thankful throughout the entire week for Maria and Alex’s cars having heated seats.  It was cold while I was there.  My thin California blood said Brrrrto their weather.  They dropped me off at my hotel- La Quinta Inn and Suites in Norman, OK.  This a nice place to stay.

I had a handicapped bathroom and it looked like something out of a sci fi scene.  I had two complaints. One is why is the handicapped room at the end of the hallway away from the elevator.  I was in room 328 almost at the end of the hallway.  Second, is the shower does not have enough power to it.  I like to have a shower that power washes me.  But then most hotels do not power wash guests in the shower.   The room was nice with a dresser and desk.  We moved the desk from sticking out in the room so I would not run into it like Maria did.  Then Maria brought over all the boxes of stuff I shipped to her for gifts and separated them into piles for families.  It took up a good part of the desk.  Then it was off to the restaurant- Jason’s Deli- for a dinner meal of a taco salad for me.  We walked over in snow flurries.  So the beginning of my time in Oklahoma had snow coming down.


December 23rd

Shopping/Dialysis day/ Ollie Time

Maria joined me for breakfast and we started the day by going to Big Lots for wrapping supplies and a dialysis blanket for me.  Then to Walgreens for a heating pad and something to help relieve the hip and leg pain I was having.  I put on a hot/cold pack and it helped so I could walk around not in so much pain.  Tylenol and Aleve helped relieve the pain, too.   Then I went off to dialysis and had my run with the usual blood pressure, however these people listened to me and were able to take fluid off me.  They were quite nice and on time.  Maria picked me up from dialysis and we went to Shelly’s house to see Rhona, Shelly and Ollie.  Ollie is a month old and is a cute bucket boy.  He is still learning about his feet and arms and is adorable.  I have been declared his another grandma: Granny.  I was grannyfied.  LOL.  Then we returned to Jason’s Deli for some dinner and I had Muffalotta sandwich.  An interesting conglomeration of olive mix and turkey.  It needed bacon and some sort of sauce with it.  I used Maria’s salad dressing to help it along.   We walked back to La Quinta and wrapped presents in the wrapping stuff we had bought earlier.

I was then off to relax and sleep.  The heating pad saw much use at night to help with pain.


24th Kaylee’s brunch/ Movie/ Shelly’s Ollie time

Maria picked me up and we went over to her Little Sister Kaylee’s house to do Christmas with her family.  We played Star Wars Monopoly, Space Race and Uno while we were there.

We left her house, went o pick up Alex and headed to the Warren theater to see the new Star Wars movie- The Last Jedi.  I had smothered tater tots and a diet dr pepper as my snack in the theater.  This place is pretty cool. We were up in the balcony and they will feed you there all kinds of food off their menu.  We spoiled our dinner that is for sure.  The movie was good.  I want to see it again to pick up parts I may have missed.  Off to see Rhonda and have tacos for dinner after the movie.  We did not eat much so she had tons of leftovers.  Next time she said to bring appetites.  I think we have to.

I sat with Ollie a little more and took a few pics.  Then back to my hotel and rest and relax for the evening.



December 25th Rhonda’s for Christmas

We went over to Rhonda Martin’s house for Christmas celebration.  Her daughter Jennifer and two adult girls and her younger son came over with their children, so a full house around the table, when we ate dinner.  Presents were passed out to everyone.  It was a good time.  Rhonda had ham, turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing and yams with marshmallows, plus what ever else was there.  We ate ourselves into a food coma.  Alex brought a Christmas log cake he had made for dessert.  Yummy sweet dessert.


December 26th Dialysis Day

Maria took me to a donut shop to meet her friends.  Monster donuts, they are not kidding about it. Not one of us finished their donuts. Then we went to the Noble Natural History Museum with her friend and her kids.  We had a good time with them looking at everything in the museum. The two children were good and had fun looking at things.  They also had fun pushing me around in a wheelchair.

Then we went to lunch at Carls Jr, my usual lunch place before dialysis.  Then to dialysis where I think they forgot I was coming.  I was on the machine about an hour late and was late coming off the machine.  They did not check in with me about my strange blood pressure either and I came off the machine heavy in fluid. I just took it and left.  They will not be seeing me for awhile so why growl at things they will not be able to help.



December 27th  Science Museum

Maria met me for breakfast at my hotel. It was 22* outside. Cold even for the Oklahomans. We went to the store the get picnic supplies for our lunch and head out to the Oklahoma Science Museum.  This museum is a child centered museum with all kinds of experiments and activities for the kids to do.  We set the kids loose with us and wandered the museum.  I used a wheelchair and was pushed around.  A few areas of the museum is hard to push through due to is being like grassy turf.  There is a treehouse for the kids to climb, theater area, things for them to put together and do, science experiments, a Segway area, a show about explosive and a planetarium; as well as game areas and etc.  We ate our lunch picnic in the museum table area with the girls.  Everyone shared what they brought and it was a pretty good meal for picnic supplies from little Walmart.  Thank you Maria  We did the explosives show and the Planetarium show.  I was falling asleep during the Planetarium due to lack of sleep because of my hip pain.

Maria took me to her house and I took a short nap on her chair and relaxed. We had fun playing with her dog Pi/ The other mom and girls popped in with pizza and we had dinner and dessert. After the girls and their Mom left, Maria took me back to my hotel.  I slowly gathered things together to pack in the morning.


December 28th  Pack it up, mail package, eye appts and airport.

I was up early at 5 am. I slowly packed my stuff up into a big suitcase and my carry on.  I took a shower at 7am so I was clean to go.  I finished packing and met Maria on my hotel floor ready to go with all my bags.  We then got out into the snow flurries.  Yes, as I am leaving it is snowing in Oklahoma.

We went shoe shopping at Brown’s and I picked up new Vionic tennis shoes.  Then we went to Best Buy and looked at laptop computers for me.  I ended up buying an HP pavilion x360.  I am so mad at Apple products I am no longer buying them.  Silly things made it difficult for my Apple laptop and Pixel 2 phone to sink google.  Silly people.  Best Buy was weird because we had to go hunt up someone to help us in the computer department. Usually customers are chum for them.


We went to wait for Alex to get home from work.  We played with the dog for awhile and Maria helped me set up the new computer.  We headed out to lunch at Red Robin’s.  Good food and great sauces were had by all.

This trip I tried a few sips of alcoholic drinks to see if I liked them.  At the restaurant Maria had a pretty strong Mojito I had a taste of. Something with Vodka in it the kids had in Dallas.  Then a few sips of beer with them at a few restaurants.  I do not do my own glass of whatever due to the meds I am on.  The stuff I tasted was pretty good.

Alex and Maria has eye appointment, so they dropped me back at their apartment and I relaxed and rested before my flight home.  Maria dropped me off airport around 6pm and I made my flight back to California via Dallas to Ontario on time.


My time with Maria and Alex is always fun.  Thank you very much.