Corona Covid 19 Virus Thoughts

Trying to stay calm during the Corona Virus Outbreak. A dialysis clinic is a real good place to pick up a virus. The flu goes through my center regularly each year. The cough makes the rounds through the center. We get our temps taken before we walk in and wear mask the entire time we are in there. I don’t believe it will help since Corona virus is airborne. I think this virus is an easy way to control the Earth’s population. Get rid of the old and sickly and allow the next generations to inherit the Earth. My husband and I fall into the groups to be wary of this disease. He is 74 so is in the age group targeted. I am a 21 year dialysis patient so I fit the categories being affected. I am taking precautions, staying in, only getting lunch out before dialysis at a restaurant I trust, and going to the dialysis center. It’s scary and worrisome. I have never seen the way the world is reacting to this virus. Are we more aware of it because of the media frenzy or is this thing really outrageously serious? I don’t know. I am happy to be retired from teaching at this time. I am going to put my trust in a benevolent Universe and trust it to carry us through this crisis. May the Universe bless everyone of my friends and family and keep you safe.