December Thoughts

December 1: 30 days until my birthday. What are my birthday wishes? The usual peace on Earth, peace between the races, kindness to everyone, the end to bullying in all areas, especially between children, and that illnesses be cured.

Yet I know the world has not grown enough for these things to happen. World peace only happens when governments agree. Peace between the races will come as we realize that color differences are not important and all people are equal. It is what is inside us that make differences. Kindness happens when everyone treats one another in a loving way first. Bullying is especially on my mind. Our children should not have to live in fear from their classmates. They should not be bullied to the point of suicide. Someone needs to step in and know what is happening in our children’s lives. I am looking at natural, safe ways to heal illnesses. I know mine are here with me, yet some can be changed if I work on it.

Since I know I cannot have most of what I want, I will wish for ones I can do. Here are my December birthday wishes:

  1. I want to keep to my new eating plan.
  2. I want to be below 100 kilos by December 31.
  3. I am going to stretch my muscles daily this month.
  4. I will increase my exercise.
  5. I will enjoy each day and have fun this month.
  6. I will enjoy Christmas early with my kids and granddaughter and mother. I will allow the Holiday to be what it is.
  7. I will enjoy going out even though I hurt and getting in and out of the car hurts.
  8. I will work with my pain pills to help keep my pain manageable.

I think I wrote new year’s wishes, but December will be a starting place.