Family and Friends Christmas Letter 2019

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!  We hope the New Year finds you healthy and happy.

Katherine has been busy with creative things this year.  Several online art classes were taken.    It was great fun learning how to use her creative skills. There was an Art Summit in September online.  Katherine learned may new things and tried painting pieces she did not think she could. She is going to continue with it into next year with a group called Lifebook 2020.  It should be an adventure in project painting.

 She wrote a fantasy novel which is with a publisher undergoing creative editing.  She hopes they will take her second book so the series can be published by the same publisher.  The first book tells the story of a photographic archaeologist who finds an ancient map showing a human settlement no one knows about.  She sets out on an expedition to find it.  The second book tells about her study of six clans on one of her planet’s continent and her relationship to them.  Does she belong?  It was fun writing in the Fantasy genre. There may be a third book in the series, too.

 In November, Katherine celebrated 21 years of being on dialysis. 

Victor continues his studies.  He received an award from Loma Linda for his participation as a model in the prosthetics building classes.  We attended a promotion ceremony where the students gave presentation on their projects. We were surprised when one presentation by a student team had Victor in the pictures as their study model.  He enjoys helping the students.

Unfortunately, Victor was driving our little Toyota Corolla IM when we were involved in an accident.  We were all right, but the car was a mess.  We hit someone making a right when we were making a protected left turn.  Things happen when people get in a hurry.  The air bags inflated protecting us. I was black and blue and sore after it. We bought a Toyota Corolla Hybrid to replace it after our insurance took care of the wrecked car.

I hope the holidays and next year are happy time for everyone.  Blessings from the Universe.

Katherine and Victor Soto

Rialto, CA