Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019

I am glad to see you go. The flu event and five days in the hospital was exciting. The sciatica pain in my left hip all year has been outstanding. The naproxen has helped some of the all over body pain. I was able to function most days and do things I wanted to do. Dialysis three days a week for six hours each time has been ongoing, into 20 years. The house renovations we found ourselves in were expensive, but the house was worth it. I am hoping it all stays together. We have had only two call backs for them. One for the back room leak and one for hot water leaking in our tub. Of course the house payment went up when we redid the mortgage to pay for everything. STRS is taking one check away December 31 from my retirement. It was supplemental. This has been one year not easily forgotten.

So Happy Birthday to me on the last day of the year. With my gift of the new year 2019 , facing me, I wish everyone including those who are mine and claim Augustmy family, that which you need for 2019 and some of what you want. Plus Blessings from the Universe, as much as you can handle.

This year:
December 31: I was 55 all year. I turn 56 today.
November: 33 years married on the 19th.  Celebrated 20 years on dialysis on the 2nd.
October: We won the costume contest at the dialysis center. We came dressed as each other.
September: We celebrated birthdays of both my sisters
August: The last of the contractors and projects were finished on our house.
March through July: House renovations
March: I spent five days in the hospital with pneumonia, flu, sepsis and low BP. My suggestion is to not pass out in front of the ER intake people with a BP of 49 as the top number. They tend to take you seriously at that point.
Also do not drive yourself the ER. My family was mad at me. I was jsut taking care of business.
February: We celebrated Violet’s birthday at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.
January: Mom’s birthday 81 years old and the beginning of a new year.

2018 goodbye.
HELLO 2019!