How I Realized I Needed to Know How to Write and What I Did About It

I was trying to write an article for a blog piece for another site, I got stuck. For goodness sake it was my own life I was writing about. How could I get stuck? I kept writing and finally found a style I could write it into. I will post a link when it goes live.

I have had story I have been trying to write for a few years. It wrote flat and I could not get the characters to come alive. I found a set of character development sheets and decided to work on something else using that. Those stories turned out so much better. I was slowly figuring things out . I was always told I was a good writer because I had a good imagination and followed the grammatically correct formats used in writing. It was better, but I wanted more.

I was online and ran across this site

Her books says you can do your own Masters in Fine Arts at home through three things Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build your community. I bought the book and joined her community on Facebook Word Nerds Unite . There will be community hub coming soon for her website members.

So far I have read her book to Chapter 19 and taken notes throughout. I am using a lot the information in it as I write and read now. The community is a great group of people.

I also have lists of other writing places to go when I am done studying this book.

I have taken three writing classes through t . I am on my fourth. I have taken Ninja Writing;Writing with Flair; Creative Writing, Get Writing, Keep Writing; Writing Dynamic Dialogue Course 1. You have to pay for these courses and there are sales all the time. I am cheap and will not pay over ten bucks for a course.

My next books I am going to tackle about writing is The Elements of Style and The Elements of Style Workbook.

I am also in another writing community on Facebook Writers helping writers. I am slowly building my community.

I also write two biographies on my own invented characters in Valdemar from Mercedes Lackey books. I have fulfilled enough qualifications to be in the role play group and be Teacher-Herald Kit Katz in Queen’s Own. I have been declared so in their newsletter as Herald, next month I will be Teacher- Herald. I even drew three pictures for it.

I am also writing everyday. Either on a WIP, or from a prompt. I am trying to post some of the swill I write here, so you can read what my devious mind creates. Watch my writing get better through my learning process.