I am still here!

Pic by Karol Franks https://www.facebook.com/KarolFranksPhotography/

It’s a strange world.  I never imagined I would see a worldwide pandemic in my lifetime. I was going to give tips on how to stay busy at home, but I figure if you haven’t figured it out by now…  Here is an update on my life, instead.

My Writing:
I sent my creative edits on book one of Grey of Dharaven to the publisher and am waiting to hear back about it. I am editing book 2 and have beta readers reading it for content. I finished writing the third book in the series. I started to write the fourth book. 
An author dilemma hit me.  I hated the way I ended book 3, so I took book four’s beginning and made it book 3s ending.  I began book 4 over again and like it much better. Writing can be frustrating, as well as exciting.

Book 1
Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island: A map found by Earth Dragon Clan born archaeologist Grey Fields leads to an expedition that everyone else thinks is crazy. Not Lara Croft, but National Treasure-ish adventures leading either to the end of her career or the find of the century. #A #AD #F    (To be published 2021)

Art lessons:
Check out my affiliate please. Willowing.org. There is a link to it on my web pages. The paintings below are two pieces I painted with the lessons from this site.

What I have been reading:
Alfred Hitchcock  The Best of Mystery (1976)  A collection of short stories that have murder and mayhem in them.
Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo (2012)  A fantasy adventure. Its a good read.
Spy by Danielle Steel  (2019)  A typical Danielle Steel novel. It’s about a woman who becomes a spy in WWII.
Current reading: Arcady by Michael Williams (1996). Another Fantasy adventure that tells the story of a family and their relationships to their house and world.

Food Ideas:
Cottage cheese on toast with cinnamon sugar on top
Gluten free tortilla, egg whites, cheese and bacon
Chicken burritos- I use frozen and put them in my air fryer: 400* for 12 minutes

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Here’s a site for ideas of things to do while you are home.