Ihatedialysis.com Tenth Annual Reunion 2011

I flew into Vegas on the 3rd and flew out on the 10th. Such an easy way to get to Vegas for 88 dollars each way.  I stayed at the Worldmark condo on Spencer Street from October 3-10. I shared the condo with Aleta L. It is a small condo section hidden back behind shopping areas about a mile behind the Silver Sevens Resort down Flamingo.  It was a small two-bedroom condo; however, it had enough room for what we needed to do.

Danielle and Dave brought Violet up with them and stayed a night with us and went to the IHD.com dinner, too.  Violet loved the pots and pans in the cupboards and pulled them out all over the place.  She was also given a small bag of potato chips that were promptly tossed all over the floor and mashed into crumbs.  She had loads of fun playing with the condo stuff.  Violet decided she knew Aleta L.  We think she thought she was our friend Marilyn.  They look a lot alike.  When Aleta picked her up into her lap, Violet got the shy look on her face, that said “Oops I do not know you.” But most kids like Aleta so it was okay.

The Tenth annual reunion of ihatedialysis.com happened over the weekend of October 6-7, 2017.  Members of the IHD.com forums and Facebook met and talked and ate and partied around Las Vegas.The Meet and Greet for members was on Friday night at kitkatz’ condo.  We talked and introduced ourselves and met new people.  Dinner was organized by the Admin Kitkatz. Dinner was on Saturday night at Buca Di Beppo on Flamingo Ave.  Huge portions, good food, and great people. DarthVadar- Carolyn- had a brownie ice cream dessert that was shared around the table.  It was huge!

The Admins of Ihatedialysis.com gave the members who attended a few mementoes of the occasion: A tote bag, a necklace of a kidney in a heart for the women, a keychain with kidney in a heart for the men, a dog tag chain with Tenth Annual Reunion on it, 5 ihatedialysis.com green ribbon pencils.  Darthvadar-Carolyn-brought packets of items from Ireland to share with the members. There was a postcard, magnet, pen, keychain, suckers, buttons, and shortbread cookies. A Tennessee T-shirt was from Aleta. A small notebook was from Del.

Overall the reunion was a success.  Next year is already being planned.