Life is Killing Me- A Poem

Life is Killing Me
Dialysis is not killing me.
ESRD is trying to kill me.
Neither is going to get me yet.
Life is killing me.

I hope to die one day gracefully.
However I don’t think it is going to happen.
I will probably go out in a blaze of glory.
All rushed and pushed to my destiny.
Twenty minutes late because someone wanted something
And I had to stop and answer the question or request.

Yes, Life is slowly killing me.
They say the average life expectancy of a woman is 85.
The life expectancy of a man is 80.
I don’t know why women outlive men.
Maybe it has to do with hormones or paybacks.
Maybe it gives the women some time to themselves
After having man around for so many years.
I know I will want some silence from the nightly snoring one day.

Yes, life is killing me quickly.
Diet has become a number one killer now.
People over drink, over eat, and overindulge in everything.
Just look at me.
Food is supposed to be our friend, but everywhere you look it is portrayed as the ultimate enemy.
Some foods are bad, some foods are good.
They change the titles on them every day if not every hour.
It is a struggle to maintain your sanity in this world, much less maintain your weight.

Yes, life is killing me!
Stress is a cause of many, many maladies in the human body.
People stress other people out.
Work stresses people out.
It leaves one drained at the end of each day.
There are bosses and especially those coworkers
That know everything
And they assure you that you don’t know anything.
Stress kills.

However, life is killing me!
I see some happiness.
I see some sadness.
I see children growing and learning.
I see adults still growing and learning.
I see joy.
I see sorrow.
I see empathy and sympathy.

I see that life is slowly killing me.
But then
What the hell!
If the spectre of death is going to ride shotgun
With me.
I am going to give him one hell of a ride.
We will show up at the pearly gates and he will say:
Holy cow! Here she is!

Yes, life is killing me.
But then what isn’t?

Copyright K. Soto April 8, 2008