March Hospitalization

My positive 2018, is becoming more and more challenging.

I was hospitalized the end of March for five days with sepsis, pneumonia, the flu and a very low blood pressure.   It began with a pretty exciting trip to the ER.  I drove myself to the ER and walked and checked myself in to their care.  They brought me back and took my vitals and sent me down for chest x-rays.  I was in a wheelchair for this trip.  I arrived back at the ER check in and they told me they were going to do blood work.  I looked up and said:” I do not feel so good. I think I need some oxygen.”  I put my head down in my lap and promptly passed out in front of everyone.  Next thing I knew I was on a gurney with nurses cutting my clothes off of me and putting all kinds of wires on me to check my heart and vitals.  My BP had gone down into the top number being in the 45s and 50s.  One nurse told me I was the second most exciting thing that had happened that morning.  I have no idea what was the first.

I was put in a room in the ER area and given antibiotics and fluid to bring my BP up.  They kept a good eye on me and I saw many doctors.  They decided to admit me and because the hospital was full I had to wait in the ER until 4:40am.  The first meal they brought me was in the ER room and had squash in it, since I hate all kinds of cooked squash, it gave me a good laugh.

They took me to the ICU to keep an eye on me due to the heavy duty BP meds they were giving me.  I was coughing and snorting and blowing my nose and was generally feeling pretty awful.  They settled me into my room, checked me out all over and let me try to get some sleep.  However in the ICU every time I would close my eyes and start to drift off someone would cruise in to do something.  They gave me Theraflu and figured out I am allergic to Vancomycin.

Three days later they moved me to the fifth floor, a step down unit where I was able to sleep for a few hours at a time.  I was able to finally get up and sit in a chair and use the bathroom with help.  I was very weak and had to use a walker while in this room. My brain could not think to type texts much less blogs or notices to anyone.  They had PT come visit the last day I was in and evaluate me.  The last day they weaned me off oxygen and got me ready to go home.

Thank God for my younger sister, Anita.  She showed up regularly to visit me. She took care of stuff that needed to be done for me. She brought me escape clothes for going home.  She and my older sister came and picked up the car and brought it home.  She brought me my power cords for my phone and Kindle.  She kept my spirits up.  I banned everyone else from the hospital due to me having the flu, even my husband.  My younger daughter nagged him to go see urgent care for the coughing symptoms he had.  Yss, we were all a mess.

They sent me home with three new prescriptions to take once a day, and one to take twice a day.  I came home using my walker for the first day and a half and felt better and tucked it away.

I had a follow up appointment and the doctor told me he was surprised I was as strong as I was.  I also had the Visiting nurses out to determine if I needed PT and they said I did not need PT at this time.  They did a complete evaluation anyway.

Meanwhile,our house is undergoing renovation….More about this in another blog.

I am alive and recovering a little more each day.