Missing Things

I miss the normal life, but then I never had one. I would love to go see my Mom. I want my grandchild and daughter to visit. I want to go out to dinner and eat food that is not the same old thing. I want things that make life bearable. I miss the bookstore and the local thrift stores. Finding treasure is what I miss the most.

I want to accept the pain I live in every day all day. Someone told me to love my pain, but I have not discovered a way to do that, yet. Each day I rise, get dressed and do what must be done. I do not do a lot, mostly sit at my desk and write my book series. I do art work, drawing and painting to try to help with the creative flow. I miss a life without pain, but then again, I doubt I ever had one.

I am content, thought, deep inside my soul. I live and breathe each day. I try to keep happiness uppermost. I chat with people online and on the phone. I spend time with my husband. Life is good.

You say the seasons we go through in our lives change and are marked by celebrations or things that happen to us. Covid-9 has become a season in our lives this year. It has had everything connected with a season to be impacting our lives. My life int his season has been marked with anxiety peaking its head up over my shoulder. I tell it to go away, then find myself in it, working my way through its worries and stress. I draw and paint, I write, I communicate with friends online.

I try to start mark this time with small celebrations of life. A picture of brightness, a funny photo, a memory, a written story and things that make me happy. This season is going to take its time for all of us.