My December Birthday Celebrations

My birthday is on December 31st, so I tend to celebrate all month long.

Birthday #1

Thanks to my sister who took me to the Living Desert and pushed me around in an adult stroller.  I walked bits and pieces of it, too.  I even offered to push her up a few hills. My pictures are on Facebook.

We also went to Red Robin and I used my Red Robin Royalty Rewards for my meal. They give the birthday person an entire meal free. They pretty much let you order whatever you want on the birthday meal, so I ordered up two chicken breasts and extra bacon to a guacamole burger (no burger).  Then we had dessert and they brought me a birthday Sunday.  They have a new dessert-truffle dark chocolate bar thing with raspberry dipping sauce.  Holy cow!  Those were good!  I took most of them home and shared with Victor.  (It was a nice midnight or so snack.)  The meal was delicious and talking to my sister is always a good time.

December 7th

So the CSUSB Alumni Association sent me a birthday card with a cloth glasses holder in it. Funny thing I had to pay postage due on my free gift with the post office, so my free birthday card and gift from CSUSB cost me 2.02. I called them and thanked them for letting me pay for my own damn present. #CSUSB Alumni

December 16th

My Mom gave me  a bright red blanket for my birthday to use a a dialysis blanket.  May be a little light for use there but I can use it in my office.


December 30

Danielle and Dave came today and took me out to Miyagi’s for all you can eat sushi for my birthday.  I got to see Violet. She is so smart and growing every day.  What a grandchild I have.  They also brought me a microwave heater pack for my neck and back.  I love those things.  Victor and Marilyn came to lunch also.  It was a good time.

December 31- My Birthday

I had dialysis on my birthday from 11:15am to 5:15pm. I brought the celebration there with cupcakes to share with everyone.  We took in 48 cupcakes and brought a dozen home.

Victor took me to a birthday dinner at Black Angus where we ate ourselves into a stupor on their feast for two people.  Victor also brought me two new small boxes for a gift.  One box has electronics in it, the other is sitting in the collection.  He also gave me two cards and one had a check in it.  He finds the best butt cards for me.

My friend Marilyn gave me a large box for my collection and it had chocolate goodies in it.

Happy Birthday!  55 and still alive!