My Writing (an update)

You will all be proud to know I have read to Chapter 19 in the diy/MFA book on writing and have even taken notes. I find the information is sticking to my brain when I am writing and reading things. I even have my next book of study ready to go. I bought a book to read that goes with the WIP (Work in Progress). I even looked up old and new Wall Street maps to use as references.

I had an idea in the shower for a story and world and it will not let go of me so it is slowly being evolved. I will be drawing a map for this world as I create it more and more. I fell into RPG map making videos by accident one day so now I know how to draw maps. I did one of an island. Not bad for a first map.

I also discovered a few places for names of Fantasy characters. Very helpful. has a lot of things to look at when when developing a world. a link to map generator that has great coastlines.  a great world builder tool

This guy from WASD20 has lots of Youtube videos teaching how to draw RPG maps and he makes it easy. I had no idea!

The internet is a great resource for writers but real books need to be used too.

Happy writing and reading!