I release my worries and my fear
with the flames that ignite and carry them away.
I will take care of me and mine.
I will be safe and careful.

I send fire to my friends who need it
at this tough time in the world.
Use it for you and yours.

We work in fire
for the good of our world.
Be reborn.
Be the Phoenix in fire
To bring our new world forward.

Blessings from the Universe.

Poem written by Katherine E. Soto

(Pic courtesy of Rewilding for Women)

Corona Covid 19 Virus Thoughts

Trying to stay calm during the Corona Virus Outbreak. A dialysis clinic is a real good place to pick up a virus. The flu goes through my center regularly each year. The cough makes the rounds through the center. We get our temps taken before we walk in and wear mask the entire time we are in there. I don’t believe it will help since Corona virus is airborne. I think this virus is an easy way to control the Earth’s population. Get rid of the old and sickly and allow the next generations to inherit the Earth. My husband and I fall into the groups to be wary of this disease. He is 74 so is in the age group targeted. I am a 21 year dialysis patient so I fit the categories being affected. I am taking precautions, staying in, only getting lunch out before dialysis at a restaurant I trust, and going to the dialysis center. It’s scary and worrisome. I have never seen the way the world is reacting to this virus. Are we more aware of it because of the media frenzy or is this thing really outrageously serious? I don’t know. I am happy to be retired from teaching at this time. I am going to put my trust in a benevolent Universe and trust it to carry us through this crisis. May the Universe bless everyone of my friends and family and keep you safe.

Loving My Pain

I wrote two pages in my journal of a letter to my pain.  I am having a lot of trouble letting go of the anger to the pain.  I am angry about pain, I am angry I have pain and I hate having pain.  I would suggest that this is a lot of my pain.  I don’t really love it right now.  I am fighting it each day.  When I tell my self I love my pain I laugh maniacally in my mind.  It is hard to manage.  What am I to do with it?  I am not asking you this question, but pain itself. Where does it belong in my life.  Why does it have to be here?  Is there a serious lesson I have to learn from it?  What am I do with my anger toward it?  

I know what love is.  This pain is not love, is it?  It loves to hurt.  

I don’t know if I can do this loving of my pain. It’s hard to do.

I live with it everyday. Try loving your pain. How do I do it?

Some of my Art

I started art classes on line through some art summits. I am taking lessons through Lifebook2020 at https://www.willowing.org/?affiliates=250 this year. These are a few of my art pieces.

I find when I paint or write it helps me to get into the flow of creativity and the constant pain I live with fades. I look for creativity to help me heal.

Sunday Soup- My Life Update

Writing- I went through book 2 this week. I like it. I think it shows growth in my MC and it gives her a background and something to do at the end of it. It’s a nice seg way into book 3 which I have not started writing yet. Book 3 will take the MC off into the mists. She will also do some training. I have ideas written down and it is cooking with my muse.

Well Being- I spent 100 dollars on a one dose med the other day. My doctor said I have resistant bacteria and wanted to whack it with something hard. I was put on a new med to try to help with the all over body pain. It helps everything but the sciatica and the shoulders. I feel better and can do things around the house with a little whining and groaning. Getting in and out of the car is interesting.

Book Reading: I bought Mercedes Lackey new books that are out and read them already. Good reading. I like her books. I also have Terry Goodkind’s new book in the Nicci Chronicles and his third Novella. I wait impatiently for his stuff

Pets- We took the dog to the vet for a drop off check up. She did not want to leave me and when we picked her up she whined at us all the way home. Silly pooch. Our cat takes over the dog’s bed at night. I think it is his way at getting back at her for kissing at him in the mornings.

Remember dialyze to live, don’t live to dialyze.

Family and Friends Christmas Letter 2019

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!  We hope the New Year finds you healthy and happy.

Katherine has been busy with creative things this year.  Several online art classes were taken.    It was great fun learning how to use her creative skills. There was an Art Summit in September online.  Katherine learned may new things and tried painting pieces she did not think she could. She is going to continue with it into next year with a group called Lifebook 2020.  It should be an adventure in project painting.

 She wrote a fantasy novel which is with a publisher undergoing creative editing.  She hopes they will take her second book so the series can be published by the same publisher.  The first book tells the story of a photographic archaeologist who finds an ancient map showing a human settlement no one knows about.  She sets out on an expedition to find it.  The second book tells about her study of six clans on one of her planet’s continent and her relationship to them.  Does she belong?  It was fun writing in the Fantasy genre. There may be a third book in the series, too.

 In November, Katherine celebrated 21 years of being on dialysis. 

Victor continues his studies.  He received an award from Loma Linda for his participation as a model in the prosthetics building classes.  We attended a promotion ceremony where the students gave presentation on their projects. We were surprised when one presentation by a student team had Victor in the pictures as their study model.  He enjoys helping the students.

Unfortunately, Victor was driving our little Toyota Corolla IM when we were involved in an accident.  We were all right, but the car was a mess.  We hit someone making a right when we were making a protected left turn.  Things happen when people get in a hurry.  The air bags inflated protecting us. I was black and blue and sore after it. We bought a Toyota Corolla Hybrid to replace it after our insurance took care of the wrecked car.

I hope the holidays and next year are happy time for everyone.  Blessings from the Universe.

Katherine and Victor Soto

Rialto, CA

Saying Goodbye to 2019: It was an adventure



Discovered Art journaling through Determined to Shine. Did 30 Days of Journaling.

I wrote my book- Grey of Dharaven- Katz Island January through February.


Violet turned 3. We went to a bowling alley for her birthday.  She likes bowling because her Daddy bowls in a league.

Thriving on Dialysis published on RSNHope.org


Mom stayed with us for a week or so while floors were done in her house.


April 3 Car accident  Head on into someone else.  Car was totaled.

Bought new car- Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020 model

April 11  Kaiser overnight visit.

Interviewed by Chronic Disease Coalition


Safari Park Trip with Anita for Mother’s Day


MWD Tour of Henry J. Mills Water Treatment Plant with Mom and Melissa.

Nesting on Dialysis published on RSPHope.org


I spent six days in Kaiser with Flu, low cortisol levels and low BP.

Maria, Shelly and Oliver came to visit form Oklahoma.


My book was accepted by Rhet Askew Publishers


Beach Trip to Oceanside with Anita.

Online Art Summit  Did art work I never thought I could do.


Las Vegas Trip for IHD.com  October 5-15   Saw four shows. Spent time with friends from Ireland.  Had a great time.


2 21st Dialysis Anniversary Brought cake to dialysis center to celebrate.

13 Victor’s 74th Birthday Ihop Dinner after dialysis.

19 Our 34th Wedding Anniversary  Cake at Mom’s house with everyone.

Started You Can Write Essays. com


I completed a solstice walk with a group online. Wisdom.

21st Christmas with Violet, Dave and Danielle.  Marilyn and Mom came, also.

22nd Mills Family Christmas Party  Victor received money. I have a Barnes and Noble gift card 40.00  Mom got cookies in tins.

My Book’s Creative Editing Letter arrived. I have work to do.

Jennifer Adair passed away. She is a dear friend of mine.

Participated in Ten Minute Drill through Askew Publishing. My team was the Copacetic Crazies.

I finished the rough draft of Book 2.  I will begin its editing process.