Car Accident

A car accident today in our red car on the way to dialysis. Victor was driving. I have no idea what happened because I was playing a game on my phone, looking down. All I got was the crash. We were hit by a young man who was wearing a Concordia student outfit, who also hit another car after he hit us or in the middle of hitting us. Victor was making a left hand turn across an intersection. He says all he saw was something came from the right suddenly and there we were spinning to the left. He had his foot on the brake and we got stopped before re-entering traffic on Redland’s Blvd. The car’s airbags deployed. We had a Sheriff pull up on us as I was getting out of the car. They helped Victor get out of the car. His door would not open properly and he only had a small space between the airbag and the door frame. His artificial leg made it awkward. I got out of the car quickly grabbing my purse and dialysis bag, as well as my cane. My phone was still in my hands. We were moved over to the curb for safety. I took pictures of the cars involved. Paramedics were called because our airbags deployed. The fire department moved the car to the side of the road. The community liaison from the SB Police came and took reports and made sure everyone had shared insurance and names. Victor stayed with the until it was towed. The tow truck driver brought him home. My dialysis center director came in her car and brought me to the center from the accident site three blocks away. I am bruised on my left hand and arm, plus down my right hip from the seat belt. I ache, but then I ache all the time anyway. We are all right, just going to be sore for a few days, plus dealing with the aftermath of having our car hit.

Victor with the smashed car.

Safety airbags deployed
Our front bumper off the car

Dialysis Fatigue March National Kidney Month

I was so tired last night after dialysis I just sat and watched TV. After an hour after the Tylenol kicked in and i had eaten something, my brain kicked in again. I had a bad case of after dialysis fatigue.

What is dialysis fatigue? It is the headache and overly tired feeling that comes upon a dialysis patient during the last part of or immediately after dialysis. It is almost impossible to describe the way it feels, so I will use last night as an example.

I felt a headache and tiredness creep into my body the last half hour or so while I was on dialysis.. I asked for Tylenol to help prevent some of the pain I knew was coming. I was pretty quiet while I was taken off dialysis. I just wanted to go home. In the car I played on my cell phone or sat quietly. I was so happy to see our house, I almost cried walking up to the door. Usually I am hungry enough to eat a bear after a treatment of six hours., not last night. I did not really fell like eating. I was tired from my head to my feet. I was so tired I just wanted to sit and cry. It would have only made things worse, so I stopped that negative thought. I sat in my office at my desk, turned the TV on and stared blankly at it. I tried to write something, but my brain kept saying; “NO, too tired to do this now.” I played a few Facebook games, because that usually relax me. Even that did not work.. I finally had a little food to eat. I started feeling a little better and could write a little bit again. I crawled into bed to read for a little bit with the heating pad on my sore spots. I felt every aching spot in my body telling me all about its pain after I turned out the light to try to sleep. I just had to lie there and let the body find its favorite spot and position that will allow me to sleep.

This is how dialysis fatigue affected me on one night. Not every single night is this way after dialysis, this is a description of a particularity bad night.

This is one article about dialysis fatigue so it is not just an “in my own mind” effect. It gives pointers on how to recover quicker. It also says to recognize and validate the fatigue.

A research study done on dialysis fatigue. It gives extra information on the effects of dialysis on the body related to fatigue symptoms.

What can be done to prevent or help dialysis fatigue symptoms? Common sense things.

Recognize when you have fatigue. Rest is recommended.

Review your medications with your doctor. Ask which ones can go into a nighttime routine.

Eat a well balanced diet. Pay attention to protein intake at each meal.

Exercise when you can.

Do things you enjoy. Have some fun.

Remember: Dialyze to Live, do not live to dialyze!

My Life Recently

I have been busy writing my fiction story. I have written 49,000 words so far into my first draft. I realize I am going to have to edit the entire thing slowly and grow a good story out of it. It is going to take time and effort to do it all. I am also working on another story, but it has taken a back seat to the one I am actively involved in every day. I have written a few poems recently. I want to send those into a contest or two.

Dialysis continues three days a week. I am doing all right for six hours. I am managing my dry weight and fluid intake pretty well now. It is probably the hardest part of dialysis, being thirsty and having to limit those fluids all the time. When I was in Las Vegas with friends, I was amazed at the amount of fluids they consumed over the day. They always had something to drink on them or in their hands. You who can drink fluids, please enjoy one on me. I have worked on not complaining to my husband when we arrive at the center. Makes for a better change of venue in my brain, to come in with a good attitude instead of being negative towards it. It is a large part of my days MWF. I won a hat from Kidney Beans a Facebook group I belong to. Amy does a raffle each month. For National Kidney Month she has done a raffle a week.

I take terrible selfies, but here is the hat on my head. It says I am dialysis strong.

So between household chores, writing and dialysis, this is a snapshot of my life lately.

From Sarcastic Mama

World Kidney Day

Today is World Kidney Day. Yes, a day to recognize all your kidney do for you.

Did you know that your kidneys work hard in your body. They help regulate phosphorous, potassium, calcium and sodium, as well as other nutrients your body uses. As a kidney patient on dialysis I can attest to the power of the kidney in the human body. I have to follow a rigid diet to regulate these things now that my kidneys are not working. The kidneys also push toxins, waste, and fluid out of your body. Without the kidneys functioning, dialysis becomes the only choice. Say thanks to your two working kidneys sometime today.

Here is a link to the National Kidney Foundation for news on kidney related issues:

National Kidney Month I Know These Things by, Chris Hassel 3/9/2019

I know the pressures that Kidney Disease can bring you,
I also know the costs.
Many outside of our community can’t understand, 
Not because they don’t want to,
But maybe it’s a price they don’t have the currency to pay.
What I mean to say is that it’s one thing, financially;
And that is a HUGE cost alone.
But, it’s another cost when you talk about Relationships.
All of the strained relationships from friends and family.
They may not understand the time, energy and finance.
It’s a whole different currency, because we are now SICK.
I don’t like that word, but is there another, better word.
Whatever relationship you can build on, that’s important.

I hope you cherish every relationship,
They are each important, 
But nothing is more important than your spiritual life,
Whatever that looks like for you.

Do you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself,
I think on this journey it’s so long and difficult,
That it would be easy and natural to lose a part of yourself.
But hang in there, in time, we will bring ourselves back.

It’s hard enough on our bodies, doing dialysis and than Transplant.
Than you have the restrictive diets and times and means and abilities.
Even though I’m going on 13 years post kidney transplant,
Dialysis and Transplant took so much out of me.
I had No money, No Energy, No Time and now No Friends.
I think that’s why these boards are so important,
It can’t replace many friendships, but it can Foster them.

We get our strength from each other, 
I know if I’m having a bad day, others will encourage me,
And when you have a bad day, I try to encourage you.
This is a process and I believe in it.
I know that we will monster on and get stronger,
Nothing in life is easy, and this burden is ours to carry on together.

So, even as we cover the Costs of this disease,
I want you to hang in there,
And if you feel like giving up, DON’T.
Hang in there a while longer,
Together, we will pull through, the hard times and the good times alike.

Know that we are Stronger Together.
And We are Not Alone.