Untitled Poem

Some days it will come down to just getting through

the next second and minute of your life.

Breathing in and out for that second

and letting the minutes roll over you one at a time.

Then when you realize you are okay,

you can take on the next five minutes and so on

until the day has past.

You are still here and are okay.

Grab that Okayness and keep it close.

 Muddling through is sometimes all you can do.

Then once in awhile a bright spot hits.

You find the sunshine for a few minutes.

Bask in it.

June 29th,   2017    written by Katherine E. Soto

It’s about Respect

I hope everything is going your way.  The world is sure in a state right now.  It can be a frightening place to live in.  I see what is happening due to racial bias and racism. People draw lines between each other instead of building those precious bridges of communication.  Here are my small pieces of simple advice.
Respect yourself. You are the most important person in your world. Take care of you- heart, soul, spirit, and body.Respect others. Other people deserve respect. If you do not like them, leave them alone.Respect property. If it does not belong to you leave it alone.Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. This is a simple rule.  Sometimes I think people forget this one.Last, when dealing with people, err on the side of love. 

I know you probably said “Duh” to my advice,but when you see the news and how people are reacting, it is obvious these simple ideas have been forgotten. 

I hope all is well with you.

Missing Things

I miss the normal life, but then I never had one. I would love to go see my Mom. I want my grandchild and daughter to visit. I want to go out to dinner and eat food that is not the same old thing. I want things that make life bearable. I miss the bookstore and the local thrift stores. Finding treasure is what I miss the most.

I want to accept the pain I live in every day all day. Someone told me to love my pain, but I have not discovered a way to do that, yet. Each day I rise, get dressed and do what must be done. I do not do a lot, mostly sit at my desk and write my book series. I do art work, drawing and painting to try to help with the creative flow. I miss a life without pain, but then again, I doubt I ever had one.

I am content, thought, deep inside my soul. I live and breathe each day. I try to keep happiness uppermost. I chat with people online and on the phone. I spend time with my husband. Life is good.

You say the seasons we go through in our lives change and are marked by celebrations or things that happen to us. Covid-9 has become a season in our lives this year. It has had everything connected with a season to be impacting our lives. My life int his season has been marked with anxiety peaking its head up over my shoulder. I tell it to go away, then find myself in it, working my way through its worries and stress. I draw and paint, I write, I communicate with friends online.

I try to start mark this time with small celebrations of life. A picture of brightness, a funny photo, a memory, a written story and things that make me happy. This season is going to take its time for all of us.

I am still here!

Pic by Karol Franks https://www.facebook.com/KarolFranksPhotography/

It’s a strange world.  I never imagined I would see a worldwide pandemic in my lifetime. I was going to give tips on how to stay busy at home, but I figure if you haven’t figured it out by now…  Here is an update on my life, instead.

My Writing:
I sent my creative edits on book one of Grey of Dharaven to the publisher and am waiting to hear back about it. I am editing book 2 and have beta readers reading it for content. I finished writing the third book in the series. I started to write the fourth book. 
An author dilemma hit me.  I hated the way I ended book 3, so I took book four’s beginning and made it book 3s ending.  I began book 4 over again and like it much better. Writing can be frustrating, as well as exciting.

Book 1
Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island: A map found by Earth Dragon Clan born archaeologist Grey Fields leads to an expedition that everyone else thinks is crazy. Not Lara Croft, but National Treasure-ish adventures leading either to the end of her career or the find of the century. #A #AD #F    (To be published 2021)

Art lessons:
Check out my affiliate please. Willowing.org. There is a link to it on my web pages. The paintings below are two pieces I painted with the lessons from this site.

What I have been reading:
Alfred Hitchcock  The Best of Mystery (1976)  A collection of short stories that have murder and mayhem in them.
Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo (2012)  A fantasy adventure. Its a good read.
Spy by Danielle Steel  (2019)  A typical Danielle Steel novel. It’s about a woman who becomes a spy in WWII.
Current reading: Arcady by Michael Williams (1996). Another Fantasy adventure that tells the story of a family and their relationships to their house and world.

Food Ideas:
Cottage cheese on toast with cinnamon sugar on top
Gluten free tortilla, egg whites, cheese and bacon
Chicken burritos- I use frozen and put them in my air fryer: 400* for 12 minutes

Share what you are reading, doing, or eating on my Facebook group Lifenotonthelist.com at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/495826724155937/   Like my page please.

Here’s a site for ideas of things to do while you are home.