Soul Burns

Anger, deep down soul burning anger
Deep dark places exist within the soul
Bubble up now and then to remind you
You do not live alone in the world.
Interactions with other people
Feelings, rumblings, grumblings
All are a part of a life lived in this world.

Deep down soul eating anger is within me.
It eats me into depression.
I know this monster that lives within.
It acts like fire, eating away at things.
Springing up into thoughts.
Curling and burning the edges of my life.
I need to remind myself to allow
The singeing of the corners of my life.
It is like an old growth forest,
sometimes it needs to burn to help the regrowth begin.
I find myself sometimes standing watching the fire burn
Knowing I am going to have to begin control.
To bring it back into my soul and acknowledge it.