Sunday Soup- My Life Update

Writing- I went through book 2 this week. I like it. I think it shows growth in my MC and it gives her a background and something to do at the end of it. It’s a nice seg way into book 3 which I have not started writing yet. Book 3 will take the MC off into the mists. She will also do some training. I have ideas written down and it is cooking with my muse.

Well Being- I spent 100 dollars on a one dose med the other day. My doctor said I have resistant bacteria and wanted to whack it with something hard. I was put on a new med to try to help with the all over body pain. It helps everything but the sciatica and the shoulders. I feel better and can do things around the house with a little whining and groaning. Getting in and out of the car is interesting.

Book Reading: I bought Mercedes Lackey new books that are out and read them already. Good reading. I like her books. I also have Terry Goodkind’s new book in the Nicci Chronicles and his third Novella. I wait impatiently for his stuff

Pets- We took the dog to the vet for a drop off check up. She did not want to leave me and when we picked her up she whined at us all the way home. Silly pooch. Our cat takes over the dog’s bed at night. I think it is his way at getting back at her for kissing at him in the mornings.

Remember dialyze to live, don’t live to dialyze.