The Purpose of Life

The Reader’s Digest asks the question: What is the purpose of life? So today’s blog will attempt to explore this idea.
The purpose of life is to connect with people and share your lessons or be a lesson in someone else’s life. Yes, you can be a lesson to someone else by being who you are and going through what you go through. Sometimes people are in your life to give lessons to you. Lessons in patience, love and life. Sometimes the best people, the well intentioned people, give the worst lessons. I find, usually, those of us bumbling our way through life one day at a time, end up being lessons quite often.
The original purpose of life was to procreate and continue the species so it would survive down through the centuries. I think with 8 billion people on the planet, we have covered that pretty well. We now search for purpose in life, because mere survival is not enough. Some run around looking for purpose in things. Some think through to their purpose. Some look for their purpose in service to others.
Find a lesson, be a lesson, look for a lesson. Have an active purpose.