I wrote this piece on Facebook last year.

It seems we live in a connected world, instant messaging, computer screens on our dining tables, computers in our phones, we can call anyone anywhere and take a video while we do it. Seems that while we have become more connected we have allowed ourselves to become less connected with one another. We talk and communicate to the technology, not to one another. We see opportunity to take one another to task for behavior that has been around a long, long time and has still not been corrected. We argue to make our own points and rarely listen to one another’s real words and meanings. The meanness and bad attitudes we see, get videos daily and then are posted to social media for over half the world to read. Things go viral whether they really deserve our time to read and see or not. I think young children get along until they reach the age where they are exposed to our world through their parents’ attitudes and the social media. More and more we are allowing social media to speak our loud mouths. Discrimination has been around a long, long time. We are all immigrants through relatives way back in America. As each set of immigrants made its ways to the US it too was discriminated against. Even back to the Mayflower and Colonial times,people were sent to the colonies to get rid of trouble makers. Well here we are many years later still dealing with trouble makers of our own. When we learn to speak with our hearts and think with our minds before saying or doing anything, then we shall become smarter, kinder and more creative beings.