Update on My Life

Twenty-two years on hemodialysis as of last November 6th. It’s been an adventure to weave my way through various health problems as the years roll by. My doctor at Kaiser loves me because he can bill for lots of things.

I had the first Covid 19 vaccine shot last week. Second shot will be in March sometime. My dialysis center finally got some vaccine. I told them I wanted to be first in line when they gave them out. Darn right I want to be protected from it. My arm hurt for a few days but that was the only thing that happened to me.

My writing goes ever onward. I have several ideas starting and several working on finishing up. I am getting book three ready to go to my publisher. Book one is due to be published in late summer of this year. I am waiting on my cover and preorder stuff from them.

I am researching and learning about how to promote your book. I have also taken a class on how to get your idea down for a nonfiction book. It gave me a great idea and I am working it up slowly.

I have had a poem accepted for publication in a magazine. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1E4nrXrM2Ndivv8nORnvMOLrqlmWQp5hC?usp=sharing My poem is page 14.

I’ve recently been told another poem will be published in April with Sensations Magazine.

Other than my writing life keeping me busy, I am staying home. Covid 19 has me home besides I hurt too much to be out for too long. I miss going places and seeing people.

I do go to dialysis three days a week. It is an ever onward type of thing.

Create a new world every day! Remember: it’s dialyze to live, not live to dialyze.