Why is lifenotonthelist.com here?

Another list I am not on.
Another list I am not on.

Lifenotonthelist.com is my answer to the doctors who told me I could not be put on the kidney transplant list do to a medical issue. I decided to make my life the best one I could as a permanent dialysis patient.

It is not an easy life with dialysis three days a week for six hours each treatment. Low blood pressure has become my fight at dialysis. Hospital stays that are becoming longer and more frequent. Recovery that takes longer after being knocked flat. All over body pain and sciatica hip pain all day.

How do I deal with it? I write things down here in the blog to encourage other dialysis patients. I write article for other people to use and publish. I write poetry. I make art projects. I paint , color, use markers and take classes. I meditate when I can. I write. I wrote a novel this year and am halfway through my second novel. I am waiting for creative editing from my publisher. My life takes a turn to being a writer.

What is in the future? My novel published. A poetry book put together and entered into contests. My second novel taken through creative editing. A book of dialysis articles written, collected and published. This blog to grow and keep going.

I will keep dialyzing to live, not living to dialyze!