Writing Class Online

I am taking a writing class on line and we have practice exercises to do. Here is a movie review practice using his notes on the movie.

The Star Wars Movie Review Lesson 6                                                                               K. Soto

The new stars Wars Movie, The Force Awakens continues the battle between good and evil in the Star Wars universe.  This movie has a plot full of twists and turns that puts the viewer on the edge of the seat and guessing all the way to the end.  I loved it and will watch it again and again.

The pace was relentlessly fast, making the film gripping throughout.  The opening scenes are intriguing: an old man gives a map to where Luke Skywalker’s, whereabouts, to a rebel pilot.   Of course, the evil First Order is right behind causing havoc.  The twisting of the plot wrapped with the fast pacing leave the viewer wondering what else is going to happen in this film. 

However, some of the plot points left the viewer wondering where the film was going. The plot uses many elements from the original Star Wars movies.  Heroes, evil geniuses, good guys fighting bad guys, good versus evil are all things already in the Star Wars Universe. Dramatic scenes are plentiful with the conversation between Han solo and Kylo Ren being one of the film’s most dramatic scenes. 

Characters are well-rounded and develop throughout the film. Most characters grow into something new by the end of the film. As usual, in these kinds of films, a few may die. Han Solo goes from being unconcerned about his family to being deeply committed.  Rey is an underdeveloped character with no clear story arc.  Where did she come from? Who are her mysterious parents?  Questions never answered in this film.  The characters were given snappy dialogue that carries the movie along.

The special effects were outstanding.  George Lucas has found new ways to make the things brighter, stronger and faster in this film.  The 3D effects make the film real to the viewer.  The film makers manage to create a beautiful, real universe that can be believed.