Writing Prompt- Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

Meets someone from her past

Lucky charm

Dear Moose,

     I can’t believe we ran into each other the other day.  My kids wondered who you were.  I told them you were an old friend.  They wondered why I did not invite you to stay for lunch.  I invite everybody to lunch. I always pack too much food in the picnics.  I wondered why I didn’t, too.  For a minute, then I remembered our past together.

     You know you were my first crush, my first love, my first anything.  The first time I laid eyes on you I was love struck.  But then I am sure you know this from all the love notes I gave you over our time together.  I stuck them in your locker, had friends hand them to you and once even put one on your car windshield.  I often wondered if you kept any of them. But then, you being a guy, probably not.  I’ve kept my memories of you. 

     Funny how our lives have changed.  I am a stay at home mom now with three kids, a husband who loves me, and a house that I love.    I like my life, but often wonder what if…

What if we had gone off together as my notes suggested? Would you now be my husband?  Would we still be together or broken hearted like the divorcees on TV?  Would we have had children? Would they look like you or me?

My kids are a combination of my husband and me.  To look at us together you would see the family resemblance.  My daughter looks more like him; my son more like me.  My son was the one playing soccer in the field closest to us.  My daughter was out further practicing with her team.  I wish they could have met you.  But then I would have had to tell them our tragic love story.

I miss those high school days sometimes.  We were so full of life.  We stood on the precipice of the unknown and ready to throw ourselves in to the abyss of the unknown. 

I wish we had tried harder.  We could have been good together.  We could have had that everlasting love.  If we both had worked at it.  I am not saying you did not, but you could have done things differently.  As our relationship went along you could have let me know you cared.   I was so in love with you.

What happened?  You never wrote me back.  All those love letters torn up and put into the garbage.  I heard you and your friends laughing over the hearts and poetry I sent you.  I saw you tear them up one by one.  Do you now the effort that went into each one?  The love?  My soul?  You made fun of my love.  

Well, Dear Moose, you will find that you are feeling a little funny.  Strange the things you can get from an alchemist.  The horseshoe charm is covered with the poison ink this letter was written in. I am sure it has been sitting in your hand while you read this letter. I suggest getting rid of it and burn this letter as soon as you finish it, so your dear wife does not encounter it, or your two lovely girls. 

Love does funny things to people.                                            

Love,  Lydia

Written by, Katherine Soto February 2019