32nd Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Today, November 19, 2017, is our 32nd wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by getting dressed up and going out for a romantic dinner just the two of us.

We went to Black Angus in San Bernardino. The appetizer was artichoke dip with chips. Victor had baby back ribs.  I had the pork chop.  We shared a dessert of white chocolate cheesecake.  Iced teas all around to drink.

The happy couple!  We were taking serious pics for fun tonight.

I never thought I would find someone who I would fall in love with and could live with for such a long time.  It seems some days like it has been forever and other days it is like just a few days together.

Here is love poem I wrote for him.

He loves me beautiful
I look in the mirror
What do I see?
I see me
A middle-aged woman.
Blonde, blue eyed.
Scars running up and down
And all around.
In my eyes the beauty is gone.
There is a woman left standing
There in that mirror.
A strong, tough woman.
But when I am in his arms
He loves me beautiful.
He kisses the scars
And the places that have been hurt.
He makes me believe
Once again
I am beautiful.
He sees inside me
Past my hurts.
He reaches past the defenses.
He sees me through love’s eyes.
He loves me beautiful.