I was reading an article that said to start your day with a positive attitude. I agree and have been trying this since January. For a while my mind was “No!” “Don’t want to get up.” “No.” I had to change it to “I am awake.” to getting up with a “Yes” attitude. I would say I have been positive getting up about half the time since January.

Pain is a large part of the negative attitude towards waking up. It hurts to move when I get up. It affects the brain and the way I react. I understand why people with chronic illness with pain sleep a lot. I have decided to try three things each morning.

  1. Put pain relieving cream on the sore spots.
  2. According to how I feel after that, take pain meds.
  3. Move around a little. Stretch a little to get the blood moving.

I hope this new routine will help the pain and help me to have a more positive attitude.

I do manage to lose myself in my writing and art work during the day. The pain is kept at bay as long as I am working on something. When I finish working, I am hit with pain. I take a heavy duty pain killer. Even then, it is not gone all the way.

Due to being on dialysis the options for pain meds are limited. I tried CBD oil. It did nothing for me. The roll on pain reliever helped a little when rubbed on the skin.

It is an interesting way to live. I am trying to do things and keep moving. It’s hard.

An article to read from The Mighty.