An Update

This should say: Hospitalization is BIG Pain in the Ass!

A hospital visit hit my July 4th weekend.  Six days as a matter of fact, four in the ICU plus two on a step down floor.  

Ended up with low BP, low cortisone levels, and a kidney infection.  They gave me new meds for the low levels, all kinds of IV meds for the low BP, and antibiotic for the kidney infection.  They watched me like a hawk for four days.  

The ICU nurses said I was an easy going patient.  Did not need much and was content on my own in my darkened room.  I was happy no one was touching me repeatedly.  I slept pretty well during the nights.

One adventure:  I had a central line put in because I have become the  “hardest stick known to mankind.”  When they were going to step me down to the next floor, an ongoing argument was started.  I was not going without it and they wanted it out.  Eventually i won the argument by saying no.  Hubby backed me up, too.

I came home last Thursday JUly 11th.  I am feeling better day by day.

I saw my internal medicine doctor his first words to me were.  “I see you tried to die again.”  I was shocked.  This last time was not as rough as other times in the hospital, but then I did not pass out in the ER this time.  I should have known when the ER doc talked to us about end of life stuff.  Did I want full codes.  I told them no full codes.  Minimum things done for me if I am on my way out of this planet.  I am doing okay Looks like my heart valve is okay, does not need anything done to it yet.  He checked my cortisol level and is making a referral to a endocrinologist to see if we can get me off the hydro cortisone med or if they recommend him doing it slowly and carefully.  If my urine starts looking funky with blood or changes color again, I am to email him for cultures and meds.  

He and I both agree the episodes in the ER and hospital are getting closer together and more serious each time. I am to keep an eye on things happening to me.

I am still working on my art. I am currently taking an class on relaxation exercises. It has been fun using different materials to make things. I signed up for another class on what to do with your coloring pages when you finish them. It will be nice to make a few things to give away.

I am currently on chapter 16 of novel 2. I entered a few poetry and fiction contests through Submittable.

The blood pressure is better at dialysis and we shall see what it does as time goes on. Everyone is keeping an eye on it! I just take the upper on dialysis days and hope it works. Sciatica in my left hip is getting a little bit better. I am moving better. It still raises heck when I do too much.

Keep going. Just keep dialyzing to live, not living to dialyze!