Christmas Day

The day started with a shower and clean up. I dressed in my green mumu and waited for the kids to get here with Violet. MY granddaughter is adorable. Was played Christmas music and chatted. My Mom was brought over by Christy and we sat and talked. Then the gifts were exchanged. Violet made out like a midnight bandit. She has new clothes, play food, a balance bike, 2 marble run block sets. paw patrol toys and I am sure things I have forgotten about. Victor was so funny. He thinks the colors of the bags for packing are girlie. I knew I should have gotten a black set for him. He liked the grenade stool that Maria, Alex and I bought for his library. He has a new shirt and gift cards to Barnes and Noble. I received a few gifts. I have new nightgown, a Barnes and Noble gift card, a set of autographed quote with crystals to put them in from the Babylon 5 TV show actors, a dirty coloring book and crayons, a Hummel Christmas ornament, and a spice box. Danielle and Dave brought me an air fryer and we promptly made tater tots in it.The dialysis unit gave us a beautiful Christmas bag with a measuring cup and a set of measuring spoons,along with recipe cards. I had a good giggle over it.

We Skyped with Maria in Oklahoma and opened her gifts one at a time. Then we ate lunch. Ham, turkey, Dave’s famous mashed potatoes, salad, Swiss cheese and crackers, potato chips and dips. Chocolate cake from Costco for dessert. Everything was yummy. Violet played with boxes and her toys and her bike. We talked and ate. Then our guests packed up and left.

The house was quiet. We cleaned up as much as we could. I went to play computer games and watch TV. Then Victor and I opened up the Holiday Gift Exchange presents. Victor received a beard care kit, a hat, some candy, and light house playing cards. I received candle holders, tea light candles, candy, and a nice tree ornament.

We are spoiled and tired. I played computer games and watched TV the rest of the night. Christmas was nice and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Dave and Danielle and Victor who helped with dinner and clean up. Thank you all for the gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who reads my blog.