Favorite Internet Sites

I am on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ksotoemail

My blog: www.Lifenotonthelist.com

www.ihatedialysis.com a site for all phases of kidney and dialysis patients. Forums and Facebook page available. This site quickly became my second family and a major part of my support system. There have been ten reunions in Las Vegas of people from this site.

http://www.danoah.com This site has hilarity from one end to the other. A daily round up of memes. He asks questions and people answer them. This page posts new things regularly.

www.RSNhope.org A site for kidney patients. Mostly transplant related topics. Lori Hartwell does a  podcast. Lori Hartwell is the owner of the site. She hosts a Renal Prom for teenagers who have ESRD all stages every year. It is a beautiful event. She fundraises for the event and asks for donation of dresses. There is also a yearly essay contest.

https://alison.com A free university of courses to take online . Most of it is taught through powerpoint presentation format. There are lectures and quizzes throughout the coursework. A good place to keep the brain drain from happening.

www.ancestry.com The place to research your ancestry. DNA kits are available. I have taken part of my Dad’s family back to the beginning of time.

https://www.rattle.com A poetry place. You can submit in contests and get a daily poem sent to your email.

www.amazon.com Glorious shopping on the web.

www.gocomics.com Collections of the best comics on the web.

http://www.fowllanguagecomics.com A comic about parenting. Hilarious.

http://www.ostomy.org/Home.html   The main page for the ostomy association.   Forums are available. There is a search for local ostomy groups is available. I have had a urostomy for 40+ years.

http://www.wwe.com World Wrestling Entertainment   I love watching wrestling. I find it amusing. This site will take you to information on wrestling matches and wrestlers.   My favorite wrestler? Randy Orton.

www.netflix.com   Movies and TV shows galore. Netflix and chill.