House Renovations

I have not been able to write much on this blog due to us being involved in major house renovations. Sigh! We are closing in on being done with it.
Our house was built in 1957/8 and everything had been mickey moused with throughout the house. We had to bring things up to code finally.
We did:
New roof
New windows
Paint inside and out
Popcorn ceilings removed
kitchen remodel
one bathroom remodel
new floors throughout
new back porch put in
New copper piping
New electrical wiring through out house

It has been an adventure. At one time we had 250 holes in the walls throughout the house due to electrical going in and copper pipes going in. Oh what a mess it was. The popcorn ceilings had asbestos so we had to move everything out of the house, including ourselves for ten days while haz-mat came through and did removal of the asbestos. What a wild time it was! We ended up in the Rialto Days Inn for ten days.

I keep telling myself this all almost over with. Stay calm and keep on.