I Choose to Begin Again

     Usually we begin new things at the beginning of the New Year. We see the beginnings of life start over each year. We believe we can begin again, start over, and become new or we can keep doing what we have been doing, run the same roads, and repeat our life lessons.  We pray things will be different.

      When we begin again we choose to try to be better each day, each hour, each second. We determine our own way and our own stages in life. We struggle, we reach, we pray, we agonize, we shrink, and we grow. We find joy and happiness sometimes. Other times we weep and cry and pray for strength.

Sometimes we struggle into endings we did not foresee.  The endings can change our lives for good.  This often has negative influences on our lives.  We see beginnings as positive; however, they too, can change our lives forever.

    So what does this have to do with a dialysis patient?  Every time I go into the dialysis center I am choosing to begin again.  Twenty years of three days a week of choosing to begin again.