Journal Art Class #4- Things I Like

The question was to look at things in your childhood you liked and then find the ones you still like as an adult. I made a list of things I liked since I could remember.’See if you can find Farm, Zoo, Dog, Cat, Books, Write, Explore, Disney and Beach. I used an old catalog I had laying around my office for pictures and some clip art. It is a collage on a base crafting page with tape holding it all together. I put together each section first then put it all together on the page.

Things I Like

From 2nd to 6th grade my parents decided to have a farm to raise their own meat. We raised pigs, cows, rabbits and chickens.

I love to go to any city zoo to see the animals and learn new things.

I have always had a cat or a dog or both as part of my family. Currently we have Trinket- the dog and Pumpkin- the cat as our pets.

I love reading, especially science fiction.

Writing is a passion with poetry being a specialty.

I like to go explore new places and see new things. I can also explore new worlds held within books.

Disneyland holds a place in my heart as a favorite place to visit. I used to collect Disney dog statues. Eeyore is my favorite Disney character.

The beach is an all time favorite place to go. I stand at the water’s edge and can let everything go.