Kitkatz- Creator

They say writing is opening a vein and letting the words run out.  Well I here I am.  Another person who may or may not have a story to tell. We shall discover that story together.

Let me be a good author and introduce the main character to this story, me.  I go by the nickname Kitkatz on the web in most places.  I am 54 years old, surprised to have made it to this age.  I am a parent and grand parent.  I am a retired special education teacher. (Yes, I have stories to share.)  I like to write poetry (Yes, I will share some of those, too.)  I love to read science fiction.  I enjoy adventure and science fiction movies.  (I will share my favorites.)

Now to the crux of this blog.   I am a dialysis patient.  I have been one for nineteen years.  No kidney transplant, no chance of getting one.  I am a permanent dialysis patient, permanent.  This means I was evaluated by a transplant team and turn down to be listed. Three days a week I go to a dialysis clinic for six hours to have my blood cleaned and returned to me.

I have discovered I have opinions on things related to my life.  So this blog is my space to share old ideas and discover new ones.

I hate the word list.  It is a four letter word.