Loving My Pain

I wrote two pages in my journal of a letter to my pain.  I am having a lot of trouble letting go of the anger to the pain.  I am angry about pain, I am angry I have pain and I hate having pain.  I would suggest that this is a lot of my pain.  I don’t really love it right now.  I am fighting it each day.  When I tell my self I love my pain I laugh maniacally in my mind.  It is hard to manage.  What am I to do with it?  I am not asking you this question, but pain itself. Where does it belong in my life.  Why does it have to be here?  Is there a serious lesson I have to learn from it?  What am I do with my anger toward it?  

I know what love is.  This pain is not love, is it?  It loves to hurt.  

I don’t know if I can do this loving of my pain. It’s hard to do.

I live with it everyday. Try loving your pain. How do I do it?