March is National Kidney Month

A few links to gather information from on Kidney disease and dialysis. It is National Kidney Month.

If you adopt a dialysis center this month, bring in hats and gloves. Centers are cold. Bring a packet of goodies to share with patients. Bring donuts for staff. Bring in a large cake to share with staff and patients. Take time to talk to a few patients.

Send letters to your Washington political people telling them to keep paying for dialysis treatments through Medicare. Tell them not to mess with a lifesaving treatment for people across the nation. Also ask them to keep paying for transplant medication indefinitely. They only pay for three years of anti-rejection drugs after transplant now.

Help fund research into better ways to dialyze and research into artificial kidneys.

Wear green to signify your support. By a t-shirt from that supports kidney donation. Look for the National Kidney Walk near you.

I thank you for your support. I dialyze to live, I do not live to dialyze. Now go do something fun and live a life worth living.