My Life in the Fine Arts (An update)

I have not forgotten the blog. I have been busy writing and learning about how to write. Wow what a lot to learn! I have a stack of books and papers sitting next to me on my desk. I pick one up and read it for awhile. Sometimes I do my own writing. I have several projects working now.

Good news. I wrote what was needed to become a character at a Mercedes Lackey Fan Site- Queen’s Own. I followed the directions and wrote what was needed. The first things I sent were accepted. I now have a Herald in Valdemar to continue to write about. I can also play on their role play site they have. I have another piece I want to send in plus a few other things I have worked on.

I am currently working on a story involving walls. I am trying to learn about dialogue so my story is not so full of paragraphs that tell. I am taking a class through Udemy online about dialogue. I have also discovered I tend to repeat things in my writing. After teaching for so many years I have to change the habit of say it, say it again, demonstrate, then say it again. Then get ready to say it again because someone did not hear you.

My art journal has been fun. I spend time thinking about what I want to put into each one. I am trying out my inner artist learning some new techniques and playing with new materials. I have a box of stuff i bought and had to use to create stuff. I learned sequins are a pain the the butt to glue one at a time. I might use them to sew onto a project. I had sequins everywhere for awhile— on me, on the desk, on the floor, stuck to my hands. The thirty days of ideas is almost up. I need to decide if I want to continue with it or decide to drift out on my own. I doubt I would be encouraged to do it on my own. I should find an art journal idea book.