National Kidney Month I Know These Things by, Chris Hassel 3/9/2019

I know the pressures that Kidney Disease can bring you,
I also know the costs.
Many outside of our community can’t understand, 
Not because they don’t want to,
But maybe it’s a price they don’t have the currency to pay.
What I mean to say is that it’s one thing, financially;
And that is a HUGE cost alone.
But, it’s another cost when you talk about Relationships.
All of the strained relationships from friends and family.
They may not understand the time, energy and finance.
It’s a whole different currency, because we are now SICK.
I don’t like that word, but is there another, better word.
Whatever relationship you can build on, that’s important.

I hope you cherish every relationship,
They are each important, 
But nothing is more important than your spiritual life,
Whatever that looks like for you.

Do you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself,
I think on this journey it’s so long and difficult,
That it would be easy and natural to lose a part of yourself.
But hang in there, in time, we will bring ourselves back.

It’s hard enough on our bodies, doing dialysis and than Transplant.
Than you have the restrictive diets and times and means and abilities.
Even though I’m going on 13 years post kidney transplant,
Dialysis and Transplant took so much out of me.
I had No money, No Energy, No Time and now No Friends.
I think that’s why these boards are so important,
It can’t replace many friendships, but it can Foster them.

We get our strength from each other, 
I know if I’m having a bad day, others will encourage me,
And when you have a bad day, I try to encourage you.
This is a process and I believe in it.
I know that we will monster on and get stronger,
Nothing in life is easy, and this burden is ours to carry on together.

So, even as we cover the Costs of this disease,
I want you to hang in there,
And if you feel like giving up, DON’T.
Hang in there a while longer,
Together, we will pull through, the hard times and the good times alike.

Know that we are Stronger Together.
And We are Not Alone.