Response a writing prompt- Frying Pan

This is stuff I am from prompts as writing practice. Tell me what you think.

Character: Someone with nothing to lose

Situation: Professes a secret love

Prop: Frying pan


“Babe, listen to me.  I told you nothing else mattered to me but you.” Denny.

Denny’s proposal to Meredith had landed like a ton of bricks. 

“But you can’t just up and move to Atlanta with me just because….What about your job, and your family, and everything!” she said to Denny, not believing what she had heard.  The proposal came out of the blue. Meredith stood stunned.

“But I love you, Meredith. We should be together.  We are good together.” Denny responded.

It won’t work, Denny, you can’t give up everything and just be with me!  Are you crazy?” Meredith asked Denny stunned.

“I can do it.  I can move to be with you.  I can come with you anywhere.  It doesn’t matter where, Meredith.  I just need to be with you.”

“But, Denny, how can it…I don’t understand…You can’t be that in love with me.”

“But I can,” Denny answered. HE was getting a little steamed over her panic-stricken look and her talk of impossibilities.  “We can make it work.  Just say yes.  I can make it work.”

Meredith stood there watching Denny change from being full of joy from his proposal to bewildered to anger.

“Denny don’t be mad at me.  You surprised me so much.  We’ve not been together that long.  I do not even know how I feel about us as a couple yet.”

Denny snarled: “You’ve been leading me on all this time.”

“Denny I think you should leave.  Let’s think it over for a few days.” Meredith said, slowly moving towards her kitchen door that faced into the courtyard.  Denny edged backwards step by step to the door.  Meredith said: “Call me in a few days.”

Denny turned towards the door, opened it,  walked way a few steps, then turned to face Meredith  “You’ll see Meredith.  You can’t be a bitch to me all the time.” 

Meredith reached up for her large frying pan hanging over the stove. 

“Denny, I can be a bitch any time I want.”

She hurled the frying pan straight at Denny’s head.

Written by Katherine Soto February 2019