Holiday Letter 2018


Dear Family and Friends:

This December finds us sitting in our newly renovated house. The construction crews are gone and we are living with the massive changes.  We have completely redone the kitchen, one bathroom and have a new back porch room.  The house has been painted inside and outside, with a new roof, windows, and floors.  We upgraded the plumbing and wiring also.  Our house was built around 1958 and needed upgrading all the way around.  We figure if we sell it we can do it quickly and if we live in it at least the house is nicer now.


Katherine is doing all right.   Using a cane due to bursitis and sciatica in her left hip.  She continues three days a week dialysis. Having been on dialysis twenty years now; totaled up the visits to dialysis and it is 3,120 visits.  She celebrated by bringing treats into the dialysis center for patients and staff.  This is a long time for a dialysis patient to be on dialysis.  She continues to be the head admin for the internet site.   It has been five years since she retired from school teaching.


Victor is the lucky guy who has been my chauffer and help mate.  Wonderful husband, companion, flirt, and overall good guy.  We chase each other around the house slowly.  His sniper rifle research continues via the internet. Between email and Gunboards he is busy.  It has been a little over twelve years since he had his leg amputated due to a work accident and ten years since he retired.


Since we are both retired, we are not early risers.  We miss being parents a little bit, however the light of our lives is little Violet our granddaughter. We see her regularly and she is growing up so fast.  In this large house it is just us two and the two pets.  We could make do with downsizing.  However, neither of us is looking forward to the packing and moving sessions it would take.

We wish everyone a Happy, joyful Holiday Season.


I have enjoyed being 55 all year.

Victor turned 73 this year in November.

We celebrated 33 years of marriage in November.

This was a year of physical pain, 2017 was mental anguish.

Come on 2019!

Katherine and Victor

Trinket and Pumpkin

Rialto, CA