The Art Journal pages

This is based on a question I asked my Facebook friend. Describe me in one word. What feedback. I turned some of them into a poster.

This one is based on What is Magic. It is my first painting attempt.

This all about what are some traits you have from someone in your family. I chose my Dad.

Prompt 4 from diy/MFA What feeds my creativity?

I have discovered that I enjoy learning about writing from other writers.  I am finding new things to go research on the internet.  I am seeing books I am reading in new lights.  I have found several new things to use in my writing bag of prompts and things to use.

 Right now, I am doing an art journaling class and am letting that boost my creativity.  Art is difficult for me.  When I get a hold of paper, crayons, paint and glue; it all explodes into moments of creativity and it turns out like a four-year-old whirlwind came through the room.  Then I remember that I love that part of my artistic side.  Then my writer side comes out, breathes a sigh of relief, cleans up behind the whirlwind, and is usually ready to do some sort of work. Currently I do the art journal, I have writing classes on udemy I bought super cheap, plus I pulled a couple of book lists off the internet to look over, in addition to a couple of stories I am working on. 
I am attempting to join Queen’s Own, the Mercedes Lackey fan site. So I am working their writing requirements. I have sent in two character sketches, plus I am working on a story for them. Then there is a 20 page research paper.